Fallout 76 Players Discover Skyrim Meme Easter Egg

fallout 76 skyim meme easter egg

"Hey you, you're finally awake" are words engraved into the memory of everyone who has ever played Skyrim. These are the first words players hear as they awaken confused in the back of a horse-drawn wagon, an event that has led to a viral meme known as the Toddroll or the Skyrimroll. These memes tell a story that eventually ends up with the speaker passing out to wake up in the back of a horse-drawn wagon or sometimes in a form of media where players think they're getting one game and it actually turns out to be Skyrim. Now, Fallout 76 players have discovered that this somewhat happens in Bethesda's latest online-only action RPG.

First off, Fallout 76 players can actually find this wagon out in the wilderness (as seen below). This time around, however, the occupants of the wagon are dead, but they are still seated in the same positioning as in Skyrim. This alone is a cutesy nod at the viral meme, but there's more to it.

Fallout 76's Wild Appalachia add-on added a drink to the game called Nukashine. Consuming this gives a bonus of +100% unarmed damage, -50% sprint AP cost, +50% AP regen, and can result in players blacking out after the buffs die down. This will trigger a load screen where players will slowly wake up in one of a few randomized locations. Alluding to the aforementioned Skyrim meme, Fallout 76 players can actually slowly wake up, perhaps confusing the player, in the back of the wagon.

fallout 76 skyrim carriage

The only thing this is missing is a nod toward the popular Skyrim moment is the words, "Hey you, you're finally awake," but it stands to reason that many may hear the voice in their head. Some may look at this Easter egg as proof that the worlds of Skyrim and Fallout are related, but if nothing else, it's a solid nod to Bethesda's popular Elder Scrolls franchise.

fallout 76 skyrimroll

That's not to say all nods between the two are positive, however. A recent Skyrim mod was used to mock Fallout 76, drawing attention to its divergences from the standard single-player Bethesda experience, and while the latter may not be the most popular game, it is moments like this Skyrim meme that help sustain its reportedly solid player base.

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, Tumblr - Essu-Rwby-Desu

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