Fallout 76 Adding New Battle Royale Map for Nuclear Winter

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In June Fallout 76 introduced players to a brand new battle royale mode named Nuclear Winter. Initially planned to be a preview event, Bethesda decided to make Nuclear Winter a permanent fixture in Fallout 76 straight away. Clearly the publisher is very happy with what it's released. To prove the point, Bethesda's already expanding on Nuclear Winter. Today Bethesda announced the next step for Nuclear Winter, a brand new map coming with Patch 13.

Introducing Morgantown, Nuclear Winter's New Map. Players will battle it out for the mantle of Overseer in Morgantown's streets and the nearby mountains. Fallout 76's battle royale is taking on urban warfare. Morgantown's map will stretch up to the town of Grafton and will also include a "large body of water," which could mean the irradiated waters north of Grafton. This region is also home to hostile radscorpions and RobCo Assaultrons.

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According to Bethesda's announcement about Morgantown, it plans to switch maps, noting that a "change in location will prove test results." In other words, it seems that Morgantown will be the sole way to play the Nuclear Winter battle royale mode when it launches. It'll remain the sole map while the previous map, Flatwoods, "is being cleaned of radioactive debris." This isn't completely confirmed, whoever, as Bethesda only mentioned it in an in-character letter from the ZAX supercomputer persona.

Fallout 76 fans won't have to wait very long to try out the new Nuclear Winter map, either. According to Bethesda Patch 13 and the Morgantown battle royale map will arrive on September 10. That's less than a week away. At the same time, that means that anyone who wants to duke it out on the Flatwoods map will have to get to it. There isn't much time remaining to take advantage. Soon all players will be learning a new map all over again.

Fallout 76 continues to be robustly supported by Bethesda months after its launch and so-called demise. Patch 13 isn't going to be just the Morgantown map for Nuclear Winter. Bethesda has much more in store. Bethesda has also confirmed the release of its Public Events feature, a re-categorization of certain multiplayer-focused events with a quality of life polish. Patch 13 also offers a huge balance and bugfix pass over for players. With the addition of new content like this and regular updates, it's clear that Fallout 76 continues to improve.

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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