Fallout 76: How Microtransactions Will Work

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Bethesda showed off a whole lot of Fallout 76 at E3 2018, giving fans not just gameplay and a release date, but also a full documentary about the game's development. In this documentary, Bethesda went into the very delicate topic of how microtransactions will function in Fallout 76.

The implementation of microtransactions is always a hot topic surrounding video games, attracting plenty of criticism whenever they are seen as bringing a pay-to-win system into a multiplayer experience. However, the use of microtransations for optional cosmetic rewards is generally viewed as benign, with 69% of gamers viewing microtransactions of this type as acceptable.

With this in mind, it seems Fallout 76's microtransactions will fall very much into the "acceptable" camp. Bethesda was quick to stress that these transactions would only come in the form of cosmetics, and that any of these purchasable cosmetics would also be completely obtainable through gameplay. Put simply, microtransactions in Fallout 76 have no impact on combat, and only a minor impact on aesthetics.

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Chris Mayer, Development Director of Bethesda, went into detail about why these microtransactions were added. As a completely online game, Bethesda will have to run and maintain servers for the game indefinitely, so some of the revenue will go into ensuring Fallout 76 has a healthy life-span.

More exciting than this, though, is what Mayer had to say regarding DLC. He acknowledged that online games live and die by their ability to keep things fresh in the end-game. Thanks to microtransactions, Fallout 76 will receive two types of regular, free content updates: smaller ones, consisting of items or events, as well as much larger ones which may comprise of entire new questlines or areas.

The news of what microtransactions will allow Fallout 76's development team to provide for players will undoubtedly reassure anyone who is disappointed by their addition. The Noclip documentary made it clear that the team is highly committed to supporting Fallout 76 long after release, so it seems fans do not need to worry about having enough to do in post-apocalyptic West Virginia.

For those who desperate to see more of Fallout 76, a beta will be releasing over the coming months allowing a hands-on experience of the game. It will be interesting to see if this beta gives a greater insight into how microtransactions will function, or at the very least how cosmetics will be obtained in the game.

Fallout 76 is currently in development, and scheduled for release on November 14th, 2018.

Source: Youtube - Noclip

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