Rumor: Fallout 76 Story and Gameplay Details Leak

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A few days ago, Bethesda announced Fallout 76, promising more details at its E3 2018 press conference on June 10. While fans won't have to wait long for official details on Fallout 76, that hasn't stopped some supposed story and gameplay details from "leaking" online, though they don't seem to be coming from reliable sources.

A user on 4chan claiming to have "insider info" on Fallout 76 has shared a number of details about what the game will have in store. According to this 4chan user, Fallout 76 will still be an RPG (despite rumors that it will be an online survival game like Rust), and it will feature the option of having a voiced protagonist or not. The game will apparently have more dialogue options than Fallout 4, with "proper skills" making a comeback. It will also have an increased emphasis on settlement building, which will be where the game's rumored multiplayer functionality will come into play.

The 4chan user goes on to claim that Fallout 76, which is rumored to be set in West Virginia, will be focused on Vault-Tec, and will feature a ghoul companion who helped design the vaults. Another character will be a former US Army Captain who can be a friend or foe depending on player choice, and who has a herd of giant, radiated elephants that he saved from a zoo.

The post also claims that the game will feature "inbred rednecks" similar to the ones seen in the Point Lookout DLC from Fallout 3, it will not have any supermutants, and recurring ghoul character Harold will also make an appearance. Finally, the 4chan user concludes by saying that the game's story is being written by Chris Avellone of New Vegas and Knights of the Old Republic 2 fame.

So, should fans believe these supposedly leaked details about Fallout 76? Despite the post gaining traction on internet forums, it seems to consist of mostly made-up details and there's no reason to believe any of it. In fact, writer Chris Avellone has outright stated that he has no involvement with Fallout 76, which makes the rest of the "insider info" very hard to believe.

Fans may be disappointed to learn that these "leaked" gameplay and story details are likely untrue, but luckily they won't have to wait too much longer to learn more about the latest Fallout game. As it turns out, Bethesda plans to showcase Fallout 76 at its E3 2018 presentation on June 10, so fans of the franchise should be sure to tune in.

Fallout 76 is in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: Reddit

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