Bethesda Addresses the State of Fallout 76

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To say the launch of Fallout 76 has been a shaky one is putting it lightly. Following a number of scheduled beta time slots for players and a full game release just weeks after the testing period ended, Bethesda's newest online-centric Fallout adventure has been a broken mess littered with a myriad of technical shortcomings. After weeks of listening to community backlash, a steep Black Friday discount just two weeks after launch, and the reputation of the post-apocalyptic franchise in question, Bethesda has finally come forward to address the issues surrounding Fallout 76's rocky start, while also detailing how future updates will help better the overall experience for players.

The Bethesda Game Studios community team took to Reddit recently to come to terms with the community uproar the studio's newest release has been taking. First and foremost, the Bethesda team admits fault on their silence the past few weeks, and have been working with the development side to make sure those who've remained invested in Fallout 76 will know what's coming in the near future.

Here's an excerpt from the post:

"We didn’t want you to think the silence meant nothing was happening. We're sorry and understand this was not the right approach, and we’ll work to make a better bridge between you and the dev team at BGS (Bethesda Game Studios)."

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It was also confirmed the next major update for Fallout 76 will be coming on Tuesday, December 4th. While the full patch notes won't be announced until sometime later this week, the community team was able to reveal some of the more common issues that should be resolved. This list of fixes coming to Fallout 76 include, but are not limited to: the increase of stash limits for players, resolving some players being unable to remove themselves from power armor suits, corrections to loot obtained from boss fights, respawn issues from being overencumbered, and effect time being reduced when hit with the Cryolater from two hours to thirty seconds. There will be another wave of updates coming to Fallout 76 a week after the initial one on December 11th.

Fixing the game isn't the only problem on Bethesda's plate either, as the endless list of issues has forced an investigation regarding those who've tried to receive a refund for their purchase of the game.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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