Fallout 76 Players Are Remaking Famous Album Covers

fallout 76 famous album covers remake

Fallout 76 offers players a huge world, full of monsters, bandits, and (thanks to a recent update) friendly NPCs to interact with. However, players have found another way to spend their time in the wasteland of post-apocalyptic West Virginia; recreating famous album covers.

While there is no real end to things to do in the massive online world of Fallout 76, especially with new DLC coming out at a steady pace along with the sheer scale of the game, that doesn't mean that players aren't always looking for new ways to spend their time in-game. That's where the hashtag #F76AlbumCovers comes in, offering creative players a chance to display some of their attempts at recreating their favorite album covers with their in-game avatars.

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Originally starting on the @ArtF76 twitter account, an account dedicated to creating and sharing art from Fallout 76 players, users from all over the internet have begun contributing their own examples to the ongoing hashtag. Some of the top examples of this latest art project include recreations of covers from bands like The Ramones and The Who. Although, the artwork isn't limited to classics either, artists like Adele and Sia are also finding their albums spread among the vast list of fan creations.

This is all possible thanks to Fallout 76's many activities, which allow players the freedom to create images of themselves with interfaces like the photo mode. Photo mode lets players pull the camera away from their character and freely move around the immediate area. While a number of posts required outside editing, especially to add the titles, most of the effects that make the album covers work is achieved through the filters and settings in the photo mode, allowing players to take grainy, black and white pictures to match the pictures they're emulating. Although, working with this type of interface is nothing new, with games like Shadow of Mordor, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War having a photo mode for players to fiddle around with.

With so many MMOs like Fallout 76 out there, from Destiny 2 to Bethesda's own Elder Scrolls Online, it comes down to the smallest details to keep players engaged as the developers continue to pump out new DLC and Events to keep up revenue. When Fallout 76 first released in November of last year, it seemed that Bethesda dropped the ball with the bugs and issues that plagued the launch, but it seems to be paying attention and offering earnest attempts to fix its problems. The recent news of a Public Test Server certainly shows that it's headed in the right direction.

Fallout 76 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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