10 Amazing Areas Fallout 5 Should Be Set In

The location of the next Fallout game has always been a big topic among fans. Location is everything in this series about apocalyptic America. Choosing a location will influence everything, from the factions, monsters, and various environmental dangers the player can run across. So far, players have seen a lot of the western region of the United States in the series as well as what has become of the Mojave, Los Vegas, Washington D.C., and Boston.

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In this list, we are going to go over possible locations that would be amazing for Fallout 5. We have no idea what is next, but it would be really cool if the next game takes us to one of these ten places.

10 New Orleans

Many Fallout fans want a "Fallout: New Orleans" to become a reality and who can blame them? There is a ton of interesting culture in New Orleans. We would love to see what happened to the historic French Quarter, Bourbon Street, and the large Victorian homes. Imagine the possibilities with the voodoo culture (because lets not lie to ourselves, magic exists in Fallout). Jazz is a huge part of the culture there too, so we could have jazz on our Pipboy radio.

Also the creatures and swamps would be awesome. Most of the games have been very dry and desert-like. This location would offer something a little different.

9 New York City

New York City is mentioned a couple times in the Fallout universe. We know the United Nations disbanded there in 2052 and that it (obviously) was affected by nuclear strikes. Some fans say that New York is likely just a pile of rubble, as it would be a huge target for the bombs. However, so would Washington D.C. and we were there for Fallout 3. Depending on the time, survivors could migrant to a destroyed New York as well.

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There are a lot of interesting locations and possibilities for New York City. There is Central Park, Grand Central Station, and the Statue of Liberty.

8 Honolulu

What if Fallout got a little more tropical? We could have volcanoes, beaches, and a lot of Hawaiian spirit. Some fans have argued that Hawaii would not be a likely bomb target but it is a part of the United States isn't it? So it probably has been bombed.

There are places in Hawaii that are like a jungle, so that would be really fun to explore. With the seaside,  you could have a faction of pirates. Also there should be many Hawaiian shirts. We want to see robots wearing Hawaiian shirts and leis.

Art was made by Alessio Sordini.

7 Detroit

Some fans have joked on threads that Fallout is already in Detroit. In the 1950s, Detroit is a little different though so there is that to think about. Since it is known as the "Motor City," a lot of fans had the idea that a Fallout game in this city could introduce the reconstruction of automobiles. It could be a little like Mad Max: Fury Road. In real life, the Detroit's motor industry has mostly died but what if it instead just grew in Fallout?

Detroit is mentioned very little in the series. There is a Guns and Bullets magazine in Fallout 4 called " #4 Street Guns of Detroit."

6 Chicago

Chicago has actually been mentioned a lot throughout the Fallout series. In Fallout 3, the city is mentioned when you ask about where the rest of the Brotherhood of Steel is. In Fallout: New Vegas, it is hinted that there are Enclave outposts in Chicago and you can even ask "What's a Chicago?"

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While this one seems more likely because we have heard more about it in the past games, it is another northern city like Boston and Washington D.C. Fans probably rather have something else, but it is on this list because there is already faction ties to the area such as the Brotherhood and Steel and the Enclave.

5 Anchorage

What if we got to play in a frozen wasteland? Fallout 3 touched upon Alaska in their Anchorage DLC but fans are wondering what a full-length game would look like in Alaska. It would definitely be very different since the DLC was set during the war and the main stories take place after.

Based on past games, we do know some about what an Alaska game could include. There is the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline and a bunch of various Air Force Bases from the DLC. Besides that, it would be interesting to see how wastelanders stay warm and what kinds of cultures are formed in a frozen wasteland.

4 San Antonio

You know what Fallout needs? More cowboys. The Texas Commonwealth has appeared before in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. It was going to appear again in the sequel, but the sequel was cancelled. There are a ton of mentions of the location though so we know there are factions and people living in Texas. In fact, in the Mothership Zeta Fallout 3 DLC, you meet a person from the Texas Commonwealth.

In San Antonio, you can go to the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and there can be a lot of touches of Mexican culture as well.

3 San Francisco

San Francisco was a settlement and part of New California in Fallout 2, but could be well worth re-visiting and getting its own game. In Fallout 2, it was mostly settled by people known as Shi who are descendants of people who crashed in a Chinese submarine.

However, if it were set for Fallout 5 then there would be a lot of difference. While Fallout 2 had Chinatown, San Francisco also has a Japantown. Also wouldn't it be amazing to see the Golden Gate Bridge with the up-to-date Fallout graphics?

2 Miami

A team of talented people are already making a huge Miami mod for Fallout 4 that is worth checking out. However, what if it became canon and Fallout 5 went to Miami? Something we do know about that area is that it is now part of the Gulf Commonwealth. A cancelled sequel called  Fallout Tactics 2 already had some ideas for Florida such as mutated crocodiles and that the mid-western Brotherhood of Steel got a foothold of the area.

1 Portland

Like Miami, dedicated fans also made a mod for Portland. Besides fan-made content, we know next to nothing about what has been going on in Portland throughout the Fallout series. What we imagine is would be like exploring mountain in Skyrim but you are holding a gun and are facing mutated bears. What could be better?

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