With Black Friday over and done, many retailers are looking forward to Cyber Monday, though one couldn’t wait and is selling a 1 TB Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle early.

Black Friday may be over, but the gaming sales are still going strong, especially with Cyber Monday looming. In fact, one seller launched a 1 TB Fallout 4 Xbox One sale on eBay last night, kicking off Cyber Monday a little early.

The Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle is selling for $329.99, but quantities are extremely limited, so anyone interested will need to act quickly. That’s an amazing deal considering sales tax is only in effect in California and Georgia, and the seller is including free standard shipping.

With such a great sale available, chances are good the units will all be sold by Cyber Monday. And there’s no word from the seller if there will be another sale once these are all gone. Fortunately, those who want a bundle but don’t get one will definitely have other choices once Cyber Monday arrives. At the time of this writing, there are a little over 240 units left, with about 140 selling an hour.

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Interestingly, this sale wasn’t set to launch until Monday, but for some reason kicked off early. With this retailer, Antonline, already starting the Cyber Monday sales, it wouldn’t be surprising to see others jump on the bandwagon and star their sales early. And with the way Black Friday has come earlier and earlier each year, it seems consumers can expect the same type of thing to happen with Cyber Monday.

Over the last couple years, many retailers have counted Cyber Monday as important, or more so, than Black Friday since it allows them to sell hundreds and thousands of items without people rushing and pushing one another. Additionally, many buyers see Cyber Monday as a way to pick up products they want without the clamor and confusion that accompanies Black Friday.

The term Cyber Monday was first termed a decade ago when retailers expanded their online sales due to strong sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Each year, sales grow higher on Cyber Monday, with 2014 having the highest sales so far at $2.29 billion. There’s a good chance this coming Cyber Monday will be the best yet for retailers. While Black Friday continues to dominate the electronics sales – especially Xbox and PlayStation – Cyber Monday has been far better for textiles like clothes and shoes.

Despite the fact that smaller retailers have Small Business Saturday (the day after Black Friday), many of these smaller companies see Cyber Monday as a great opportunity to compete against the large retail chains.

What do you think about this Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle price? Are you grabbing one before they’re gone? Let us know in the comments.

Source: eBay