A Fallout 4 fan creates a modification that allows for craftable weapon racks, so gamers can mount their weapons up on display in any of their settlements.

In Fallout 4, The Vault Dweller has no problem constructing a magazine rack to place all his Grognak The Barbian comics, or even a bobblehead stand to place all those precious stat-boosting bobbleheads. It makes sense that the dweller would want to show off some of the amazing legendary weapons they collect throughout the wasteland, or at the very least, not throw them all in one big box.

Thankfully, a newly-released Fallout 4 modification allows for weapon racks to proudly display a gamer’s arsenal along their walls, granting access to a feature which probably should have come along in the core game – especially considering weapon displays were a common feature in Skyrim.

Bethesda’s latest update to the game may have broken many custom modifications that players have been using, but it looks like the weapon rack mod is safe for the time being from any game-breaking glitches. The weapon rack mod allows players to place a variety of racks through the settlement build mode, and those racks then function like any other containers from the game, albeit that these racks actually know how to place and space weapons in a somewhat orderly fashion, instead of just showing an inventory list.

The creator of the mod, who goes by the online pseudonym SecretAgent99, does acknowledge that there are still plenty of things to work out with the weapon display modification. Weapons with crafted modifications on them revert to their base models when placed on the racks, which means players who added a recon scope to their 50 caliber rifle won’t actually see the scope if they put the weapon on the display. Still, the alternative option to not have it in the player’s inventory is either to throw it on the ground or make it disappear into a box, so the weapon rack is still a large improvement for roleplayers and gamers who want to show off their arsenal.

Fallout 4 Weapon Display Mod

Though the mod is still in alpha, the creator has been consistently adding improvements to the weapon racks mod, and the latest version adds a new weapon rack where gamers can hang up with bloodied melee weapons, which previously didn’t properly position themselves on the gun-centric weapon racks. Gigantic weapons like miniguns and flamers can’t be mounted on racks simply due to their bulky size, so SecretAgent99 included craftable crates that the weapons can be placed on top of as an alternative.

There’s plenty of unique legendary weapons throughout the game, and this mod will finally give gamers a much easier method of showing them off in their settlements. Mines are also included as a rack-able item, because they’re really not something you want to leave on the floor.

Interested gamers can download the modification here.

What do you think about the weapon rack mod, Ranters? Is it only a matter of time until someone mods mannequins into armor displays?

Source: Nexus Mods