One Fallout 4 player decides to create animations that showcase weapon condition, with a mind to creating some modded content to introduce durability in the future.

Although Fallout 4 has proved to be a huge critical and commercial success, with a massive number of sales for the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic RPG arriving alongside stellar reviews, not everyone has found that the game is a perfect fit. Thankfully, some fans of the title have provided others with wonderful additions to the gameplay in the form of mod content. Now, it looks like another player is on their way to making another valuable addition to the world of fan-made Fallout content, with a mock-up created aimed at simulating durability.

Fallout 4 fan and Reddit user Hazza42 is the brains behind this most recent foray into potential improvements for the Bethesda action RPG. Taking to the site to discuss his prototype work, Hazza42 explained that “since Fallout 4 doesn’t have weapon condition,” they decided to go ahead and “animate what it might look like.” The end result is a stunning example of exactly how deterioration and durability could look in Fallout 4.

As of yet, unfortunately, the user has yet to get beyond this initial animation stage. However, it sounds as though some fan-made content may be on the cards for the future. “Once the creation kit is out I might try my hand in making this an actual mod,” said Hazza42. Those interested in checking out the animation itself themselves can do so over at


Although initial plans are for the deterioration and changing durability of weaponry to remain purely as a stylistic choice, it sounds as though there’s the possibility of weapon condition to also become an important mechanic through this future mod. “While I love that I don’t have to worry about things like repairing all my weapons anymore, I think it would be really cool to see an energy weapon just explode in your hands after too much use,” explained Hazza42 in the post. It would certainly add an interesting dynamic to the gameplay of the Bethesda title.

The creator may not have long to wait before this mod becomes a feasible reality, either. Bethesda has revealed that Fallout 4 official mod support is on its way, with a launch date set for some time in April. The content will initially arrive for PC, before being rolled out tentatively across consoles, and when it does reach the hands of players it has the potential to make mod creation a whole lot easier and more widespread.

There have already been plenty of fantastic mods created that have truly changed the way in which Fallout 4 plays. Some have swapped out the trademark VATS system for bullet time, whilst another added a simple but extremely useful map improvement that allowed the player character to locate their followers with ease. Hopefully, there are still plenty of fantastic bits of fan-made content on the way to make Fallout 4 even better.

Source: Reddit