Bethesda has been teasing its upcoming Fallout 4 VR game for quite some time now, but other than a 2017 launch window for the HTC Vive, the release details still remain a mystery. Thanks to a new leaked image, however, it appears that the post-apocalyptic VR title may be coming to more than one headset.

Over at the PlayStation VR sub-Reddit, a fan has shared a leaked image of a GameStop catalogue that reveals Fallout 4 VR may be coming to Sony’s VR headset. No confirmation has come from Bethesda or Sony about the PlayStation VR headset supporting the upcoming post-apocalyptic title, but there is increasing speculation that it is just a matter of time before it will officially be announced.

With Amazon and Australian retailer JB Hi-Fi both featuring Fallout 4 VR listings showing that the game is coming to the PS VR, this GameStop catalogue is just the latest in a line of recent leaks that’s only strengthened the rumors.


The GameStop catalogue doesn’t reveal an exact release date for Fallout 4 VR, but should the game indeed be arriving to the PS VR, it does partially explain why Bethesda has been non-committal about confirming a release date beyond simply “2017,” as the studio would have likely needed to develop the game for two different headsets with differing specs, thus necessitating extra development and optimization time.

Beyond Fallout 4 VR, the leaked GameStop catalogue also reveals some upcoming titles that we know are already coming to the PS VR, such as DOOM VFRSkyrim VRBravo Team, and The Inpatient. Interestingly, the catalogue lists a 2017 release date for Bravo Team and The Inpatient, both of which currently lack a launch date. But like the Fallout 4 VR reveal, it’s perhaps best to take this information with a grain of salt until these release windows are officially confirmed.

It remains to be seen whether Fallout 4 VR will indeed come to the PS VR, but even if this GameStop catalogue leak turns out to be false, fans won’t be short on Bethesda developed VR titles to play on Sony’s VR headset in 2017 given that Skyrim VR is still scheduled for release this November.

Fallout 4 VR is set to release in 2017 for the HTC Vive and possibly the PlayStation VR.

Source: Reddit