A fresh Fallout 4 fan video releases, showing off two enemy factions comprised of 100 units fighting to the bitter end for supremacy of the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4‘s only been out for slightly more than 24 hours, but the rabid fan base for Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG has already begun tinkering with the game’s settings—the first graphics mod quickly comes to mind— as well as the artificial intelligence to build large-scale set pieces of their own. Today, YouTuber Tyrannicon has put together a video featuring 50 Raiders battling 50 Generation 2 Synths to the death, and the results are equally savage and spectacular.

As seen in the Fallout 4 clip below, it’s all-out carnage between the two groups, with the Synths wielding laser-based weapons and the Raiders firing plain old pistols. Although the androids have the edge as far as survival goes—their robotics allow for continuous fighting well after near-fatal wounds—the Raiders have a chance when relying on frag grenades in the compacted Boston location.

While the footage would benefit from a sweeping film score à la John Williams instead of Tyrannicon’s flat and disinterested voice, the combat is quite engaging. In fact, the action as a whole is reminiscent of a war between humans and Terminators. And since the video is short, so there’s no need to spoil which camp comes out on top.

This isn’t the first instance of Tyrannicon using one of Bethesda’s games to construct a virtual clash of clans. He’s created Skyrim videos in the past depicting his own fan-made mayhem on the battlefield, pitting NPC armies against one another. As expected, the YouTuber even makes reference to more Fallout 4-themed materials on the way when the clip above ends.

With Tyrannicon’s dedication to assembling a Synth versus Raider skirmish in Fallout 4 just a day after its release, it’s obvious that the open world title is wildly popular. After all, Bethesda’s retro-futuristic game practically nuked Grand Theft Auto 5‘s concurrent Steam user record at its launch. Not to mention, just prior to the game’s availability, the Maryland-based studio couldn’t keep most of Fallout 4‘s collector’s items on the shelves, as the highly sought-after Pip-Boy edition sold out numerous times after going back on sale.

Although Fallout 4‘s existence as a playable title is still in its nascent stages, it’s not surprising that folks in the gaming community have already stepped up to create fan-made content. Of course, as time marches on, the Internet will soon be inundated with homages to the game.

Fallout 4 is finally out and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Tyrannicon – YouTube (via Kotaku AU)