Fallout 4 introduces vertibirds to general gameplay in a big way, although they seem to have a penchant for crashing at the slightest hint of damage, or in some case, for no reason at all.

By now, gamers have had plenty of time to explore the greater Boston area in Fallout 4, a land full of emotional stories and countless Easter Eggs. The wasteland can truly be a gorgeous place, and while the game engine certainly has its own quirks, the general reaction to Fallout 4 has been insanely positive. Now that many gamers are finishing up with the main storyline of the game, modifications that add new interest to the wasteland are starting to pour out, whether they be a fight with 30,000 deathclaws or adding lightsabers into the mix.

Despite the utter calamity players can bring to the table with modifications, we find that one of the strangest occurrences in the wasteland has been in the game all along. Of course, we’re talking about the ridiculous amount of crashing vertibirds, who seem to spend more time exploding than actually transporting soldiers in the air. They look awesome at first, but most gamers quickly realize that the vertibirds are easy prey, and the biggest danger they present is accidentally crashing right on top of players on the ground.

The wasteland is chock full of these vertibirds, and all of them seem to have drunk pilots who spin the high-tech and undoubtedly expensive flying machines until they end up crashing in an eerily consistent manner. Even when the pilots don’t bring their own vertibirds spiraling down to Earth on their own accord, they also seem to find ways to get destroyed by small arms fire from the first enemy they happen to hover over. Scavenging gamers must be disappointed that they can’t scavenge aluminum from the flaming wreckage, since it appears most vertibirds are made from it.

Interestingly, one quest seems to be a spotlight for ill-timed vertibird crashes, and many gamers have reported that an unnamed Brotherhood of Steel pilot seems to have a penchant for interrupting NPCs mid-conversation, like so:

The man being blown apart by the wreckage of a vertibird is none other than Brother Andrew, the charismatic con man who attempts to get the player to join a cult and forfeit all of their possessions. While we don’t like vertibirds interrupting our cutscenes by accidentally annihilating someone involved in the conversation, we have to say at least the pilot seems to have picked someone we weren’t too fond of.

The above video isn’t a one-off incident, as many gamers have witnessed Brother Andrew eating some steel before he can complete his con on the player:

We have no idea why vertibirds are attracted to that area like flies to a brahmin, but this is exactly the kind of situation that we like to think quicksave was invented for.

The first patch hit Fallout 4 on consoles this week, and many of the major gameplay bugs and even the infamous infinite cap glitch have been patched by the first major update. For better or worse, it looks like the vertibird crash rate is here to stay. As the Wasteland Survival Guide would probably say, a wise man should keep his eye on the sky!

What do you think about vertibirds in Fallout 4, Ranters?

Fallout 4 is currently available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.