Bethesda announces July 26th release date for Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, which will give players access to their very own vault and dwellers to experiment on.

Fallout 4 has been having a pretty good track record when it comes to releasing DLC that keeps its players happy. The DLC for the post-apocalyptic shooter is effective at giving players either a new story to take part in, or expanding on what players are able to do within the game.

Today, Bethesda announced that the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC will be available for download on July 26th. From what’s been revealed so far, the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC appears to be similar to the Contraptions DLC, which greatly expanded upon the game’s settlement system, allowing players to create some fairly elaborate punishments for their companions.

The Vault-Tec Workshop gives players the ability to build their very own vault and populate it with settlers. From the trailer it appears that players will be able to build multi-level vaults and fill them with various facilities, including a laboratory to conduct experiments on dwellers.

Building a brighter future underground. #Vault-Tec Workshop is available July 26 #Fallout4— BethesdaGameStudios (@BethesdaStudios) July 12, 2016


The trailer also shows that building vaults doesn’t come without its risks, as monstrous creatures lurk beneath the earth and it appears that enemies can raid a player’s vault, requiring the dwellers to take up arms in defense. The DLC also adds a number of new game items as well as new building types, so every Sole Survivor can customize the vault to suit their needs.

While the Vault-Tec Workshop seems to add a lot in terms of the game’s building system, it does appear to be rather light on story. This is most likely intentional on the part of Bethesda, who wants to use the smaller Vault-Tec Workshop to prime players for the upcoming Nuka World expansion, which will be the final piece of DLC for the game.

While most players are undoubtedly anxious for the Nuka World expansion so they can finally become an evil raider in the game, it certainly seems like the Vault-Tec Workshop will give players plenty to play with until its release later this summer. One thing that is certain is that players can expect a slew of new fan videos taking place inside the vault; fans have previously made videos recreating the Quicksilver scene from X-Men and the intro to Rick and Morty; but with an entire vault at their disposal, who knows what they’ll be able to come up with.

What additions should be included in the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC?

Fallout 4: Vault-Tec Workshop will be available July 26th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Source: Gamesradar