‘Fallout 4’ Major Locations and Vault 111 Revealed?

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With E3 2015 slated to arrive next week, developers and publishers alike have not been holding back reveals and secrets these past few weeks leading up to the big event. In a time where big reveals are typically kept under lock and key, this year has proven to be the exact opposite with new information rushing out like water.

One such announcement came from Bethesda who finally revealed the long rumored Fallout 4. While there’s been very little information about the game outside of a 3 minute trailer, fans have been pouring over the video for any sort of clues. A few truly obsessive fans just may have come across a few key locations waiting for players to explore in the game.

Through very detailed calculations and research, a group of fans have found what they believe to be Fallout 4’s map size, the in-game location of where the nuclear bomb hits and some of the major locations players will visit during the gameplay.

One such landmark is a tower which the group has chosen to call Battery Tower. The landmark appears multiple times in the trailer, allowing the team piece together the actual locations on a map of Boston. Through some fact checking and triangulation, the team discovered that this interesting looking tower is actually located on the MIT campus, a place also known as “The Institute” in the world of Fallout.

For Vault 111, the place where the player-generated character hails from based on the trailer’s ending shot, the team was able to figure out the location through taking note of the character shadows, the appearance of the surrounding area, and some notable features from each time the vault is shown in the trailer. Finding that this location resides Northwest of Boston, the team landed on Whitney Hill Park in Watertown, Massachusetts as this location contained all of the structures and notable landmarks from the trailer.

Fallout 4 Vault 111

Even though this information hasn’t been confirmed or denied by Bethesda, this level of detail shows the passion and level of detail that fans have for the franchise. It’ll be interesting to see if all this research ultimately paid off once Fallout 4 launches, which, according to reports, may be sooner than everyone thinks.

There’s certainly a ton of secrets hidden away in the short trailer, many of which help to paint a broad picture of what fans will be able to come across in Fallout 4. Before the big information drop on Sunday night, make sure to drop by and check out some of the things fans may have missed from the latest trailer. Eager fans can also get a good look at some of the bigger landmarks in the upcoming shooter through Game Rant‘s analysis of the teaser trailer.

Fallout 4 doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will be releasing for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Pre-War Hub; Imgur