Upon returning to Vault 111 in Bethesda’s Fallout 4, each of the game’s companions have different comments and reactions regarding the Sole Survivor’s spouse.


Should Fallout 4 players return to the game’s initial starting point of Vault 111 with a companion in tow and then interact with the Sole Survivor’s now-deceased spouse in their cryo-pod, most of sidekicks will share a unique bit of dialogue offering condolences. However, since a few of the game’s companions lack the capacity to communicate articulately — the immortal Dogmeat immediately comes to mind — or have trouble reacting to awkward situations, some remain silent on the issue.

For those curious to know what all of the companions’ reactions are to the main character’s frozen spouse, one dedicated Fallout 4 fan and Reddit user going by the handle “Terallian” has transcribed each of the responses, as seen below. On top of that, should fans wish to check out each individual NPC’s sympathetic statements in action, YouTuber Archie Utama uploaded a video of every scene that involves an actual line reading.

Piper: “Is, is that who I think it is? You okay?”
Valentine: “Now that’s not… oh. Oh, I’m so sorry.”
X6: “This was your spouse? My condolences.”
Hancock: “Damn. Hey, look, if you wanna get outta here…”
Danse: “Take as long as you need, soldier.”
Cait: “I know this must be difficult for you. I… I’m here if you need to talk.”
Preston: “Is this…? Oh. I’m really sorry, General. Take all the time you need.”
MacCready: “Hey, I’m really sorry. We don’t have to be here if you don’t want to… I… I’ll leave you alone.”
Codsworth: “Oh dear, is that… mom? Sir, I’m… I’m so sorry.”
Dogmeat: (dog noises)
Curie: (silence)
Deacon: (Deacon noises)
Strong: (silence)

While most of the above characters show similar bouts of compassion and empathy during the emotional reunion between the Sole Survivor and their significant other, for the rest of the game, the companions can typically be found projecting their own eccentric personalities or acting erratically. For instance, Dogmeat killed a player with his negligence after casually strolling along a corridor of tripwires, which set off a chain reaction of explosions.

Of course, Fallout 4‘s human companions can be just as absentminded as the ever-popular German Shepherd. In fact, the NPC Cait was attacked mid-dialogue in one fan’s video, as she got waylaid by a ravenous ghoul while yammering on about her desire to help the once-Vault Dweller in any way she can.


Perhaps the strangest part about the inconsistent nature of players’ escorts in the action-RPG, though, is the fact that some of the companions are too judgmental in plenty of situations where they have no right to be. As soon as Piper, for example, finishes murdering an enemy without pause, she might turn around and condescend players who decide to pickpocket bad guys for loot.

At any rate, Bethesda’s decision to include distinctive lines for companions when reacting the main character’s dead spouse in Vault 111 was certainly a nice touch. Nevertheless, with the incorporation of romance options, developers may have missed an opportunity to make the dialogue more personal between the Sole Survivor and their current main squeeze. After all, mentioning an ex in the middle of conversation is one thing, but visiting a former husband’s or wife’s veritable grave with a lover seems like an extremely somber experience.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Archie Utama – YouTube (via Reddit)