Video game developer Bethesda Softworks officially releases Update 1.7 for its post-apocalyptic RPG, Fallout 4, on the title’s PC and Xbox One platforms.

With Fallout 4‘s Nuka World DLC releasing on August 30, Bethesda has decided to go ahead and release a brand new patch in Update 1.7 that adds support for the forthcoming expansion, with it also bringing about a new art type for stores in the action-RPG’s Workshop settlements. PC and Xbox One players should be able to download Update 1.7 right now, while PlayStation 4 fans will get it sometime next week, with Fallout 4 fans being able to delete add-ons without performing a full uninstall.

As one would expect, Update 1.7 also includes plenty of fixes for the post-apocalyptic title, such as one persistent problem involving some dog armor for Dogmeat not properly equipping on the German Shepherd companion. Furthermore, The patch also squashes a bug that caused companions to un-equip clothing after having fast-traveled with the Sole Survivor.

Additionally, there are fixes for Fallout 4‘s PC and Xbox One mods program in the patch. Of course, these are only made for the aforementioned platforms, because Bethesda has still yet to get the game’s mod support up and running on PS4. One of the updates is for an issue that causes players running the title with mods to turn completely invisible when sneaking. Not to mention, there are also “minor” UI improvements for the mods detail menus, as well as the mods themselves. Fans can find a full rundown of Update 1.7’s patch notes right here.


Considering the fact that Bethesda has already implemented a patch to provide support for Fallout 4‘s Nuka World, it should indicate to fans that there’s not much longer to go before the expansion arrives for the open world title. With the studio having declared it to be the last DLC for the action-RPG, a lot of would-be Wastelanders will surely scoop it up without hesitation in order to officially own and complete all of the post-launch content there is to offer.

Those planning on purchasing Fallout 4‘s Nuka World on its own can do so for $20, while players who have already laid down their money for the game’s Season Pass should have it added with no extra charge. Arguably, if fans wish to get the most out of their purchasing power and also obtain all of Fallout 4‘s DLC, paying for the Season Pass would be the more inexpensive route. However, as Bethesda has done with the majority of its games in the past, Fallout 4 will more than likely receive an Ultimate Edition sometime in the near future that will include all of the title’s expansions, so some gamers might want to wait for that.

Prior to Nuka World, Fallout 4 fans were privy to two add-ons that have full-fledged plot lines with the Automatron DLC and the Far Harbor DLC, with Bethesda putting out three separate expansions centered around settlement improvement with Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions Workshop, and Vault-Tec Workshop—with the last of which having a unique quest of its own. Taking all of this into consideration, it will be interesting to see if Nuka World is a filling and refreshing cap for Fallout 4‘s post-launch materials, or if it’s all fizz and no flavor.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda (via GameSpot)