13 Things We Learned from the ‘Fallout 4’ Reveal Trailer

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By now most gamers have pored over every frame of the Fallout 4 trailer in the hopes of gleaning some additional clue from Bethesda Softworks‘ first in-game teaser. They’ve analyzed the narration, scrutinized the Boston landmarks, and even tried to align current clues with past rumors.

However, those who simply watched the trailer, closed the YouTube player, and moved on may have missed a few of the more interesting details. There aren’t a ton of clues in the Fallout 4 announcement trailer, but there are some worth talking about. Here is the handful we found the most interesting:

1. Man’s Best Friend

Fallout 4 - Canine Companion

Fallout 3’s and Fallout: New Vegas’ gameplay was built on the idea that the player was not alone in their post-apocalyptic adventure. There were a handful to choose from, but each player had the option of taking along a companion that would help in battle.

For Fallout 4 it appears that every player will have a canine companion at his or her side. Given that the dog features prominently in the trailer, it’s safe to assume that the German Shepard breed will likely be along for the bulk of the Fallout 4 ride, either as an extra set of paws in combat or perhaps as a form of reconnaissance.

2. Mister Handy

Fallout 4 - Mister Handy

The trailer gives us our first look at a Mister Handy robot before the nukes went off, showing the pristine metal chassis of the multi-armed service bot. Mr. Handy, as some will remember, will eventually be repurposed into Mr. Gutsy, a weaponized version of the service robot that players had to fend off in many of the Fallout games.


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