A new website for Fallout 4 has cropped up online, and it helps would-be Vault Dwellers keep track of in-game collectibles such as bobbleheads, magazines, and much more.

After being laid off from his job, a Web developer named Cody (last name unknown) took a break from playing Fallout 4 to create a new site for fans of Bethesda’s recently released action-RPG that will help keep tabs on all of the goodies that the Boston Commonwealth and its landmarks have to offer. Dubbed Fallout Tracker—sourced at the bottom of the article—the page allows fans to check off exactly which items have been collected, and where to go next in order to find all of the magazines, weapons, or Vault-Tec bobblehead locations.

The web developer is obviously a big fan of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic universe as he announced the project on Reddit’s official Fallout 4 forum under his handle “DisneyLines”. In addition to what objects are taking up the virtual real estate of the Wasteland, the website also offers supplementary information such as links to videos that serve as visual how-to guides, much like our . However, since the page is still a work-in-progress, not everything has been given a step-by-step break down on how to be obtained.

As time progresses, more collectibles will be updated, along with useful data such as weapon damage, for example. Obviously, visiting the site might spoil some of the Fallout 4 fun inherent in the exploration process, but DisneyLines has design plans to add a feature that will only reveal information when hovered over with the user’s mouse.


Perhaps one of the coolest features of Fallout Tracker is its ability to let fans save their data across different devices during registration. However, with the site’s creator claiming that he put Fallout Tracker together in “less then 8 hours”, its mobile and tablet versions may be spotty, but should run okay. At least he’s promised to not spam those who register with followup emails after signup.

Of course, should Fallout 4 fans wish to eschew Fallout Tracker for advice on item collection altogether, they can always check out one of our handy guides, such as how to find Fusion Core locations for the T-60 power armor suits. Or if hunting Easter eggs is of more concern, perhaps folks will be interested in our guide to find all of the Holotape Games.

At any rate, Fallout Tracker isn’t the first fan-made website dedicated to Fallout 4‘s gameplay. Just prior to the open world title’s release, one devotee to Bethesda’s retro-futuristic series crafted a site that helped players prep for the game’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat tree system with a makeshift character builder. And with Fallout 4 having just recently been released, we’re sure to see a lot more online homages in the future.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available to be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Fallout Tracker (via Reddit)