A Fallout 4 player creates a brand new mod that turns the post-apocalyptic RPG’s Deathclaws into the children’s program character Thomas the Tank Engine.

Modder, YouTuber, mad genius, and Fallout 4 fan Pastaspace (AKA Trainwiz) decided that the Wasteland isn’t weird enough, so he created a fresh and perfectly titled mod called “Really Useful Fallout” that makes the game’s Deathclaws even more fearsome by turning them into Thomas the Tank Engine. Simply for good measure, the mod not only transforms the foregoing monsters into the deceptively friendly book and children’s show character, but it also replaces Fallout 4‘s vertibirds, missiles, mini-nukes and MIRV launchers, as well as Liberty Prime with the scarily sentient train.

For those gamers who worry that Pastaspace’s contribution to the Boston Commonwealth isn’t as freaky as it could be, fret not. The modder has even included eerie train whistles to replace some of the sounds related to the previously mentioned assets for an extra terrifying experience.

As seen in the video below, Thomas the Tank Engine’s inclusion in Fallout 4 is absolutely chaotic. The mutant train chases down the Sole Survivor as a horde of Deathclaws, obliterates enemies as he’s shot from Fat Man guns — one of the series’ best weapons — and contributes to the Brotherhood of Steel’s ever-growing problem of wayward airships, as Thomas soars through the sky and loses control, making for yet another vertibird crash.

Although Pastaspace’s mod is undoubtedly bizarre, he plans to expand on it with even more oddities as soon as possible. On the “Really Useful Fallout” NexusMods page, its creator assures fans that more characters from the Thomas the Tank Engine universe will be added, writing, “Further updates WILL bring additional trains in the fray. To those hoping to kill Toby with a nuclear version of Percy, your prayers will soon be answered.”

While “Really Useful Fallout” is definitely peculiar, its abnormal nature might not come close to the recently rehashed Macho Man mod, which morphs Deathclaws into a grotesque disfigurement of world-renown professional wrestler Randy Savage, complete with his classic shades and cowboy hat. No matter which is more outlandish, though, it’s a safe bet that most people would love to see some version of Thomas the Tank Engine on the receiving end of a Flying Elbow Drop from a Deathclaw-Savage hybrid. Get on it, Internet.

With Pastaspace’s handiwork and the Macho Man mod being just two examples of a plethora of fun and zany fan-made creations having been added to Fallout 4‘s PC version, it’s obvious that user-generated mods can breathe new, albeit sometimes surreal life into a game well after its initial release date. Taking that into consideration, once Bethesda makes the action-RPG’s official Creation Kit mod tools available this year for all platforms, the Wasteland will surely become a lot different than it once was, for better or worse.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Pastaspace – YouTube (via Kotaku)