One musically-inclined Fallout 4 fan recreates the main theme for the most recent entry in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic franchise within the game itself.

After utilizing the ability to customize a settlement in Fallout 4, YouTuber Linky Link decided to go the extra mile and rig a set of powered speakers to play a synthesized version of the action-RPG’s main theme within Fallout 4 itself. Although the recreated composition is a buzzing, low-resolution version that’s reminiscent of the tunes found in gaming’s 8-bit era, the melody is no less stirring, especially when it reaches its climactic end.

According to Linky Link, he resolved to translate his trash into treasure by recreating the main theme song by Inon Zur to not only provide the Wasteland with a touch of class, but to also kill some time before taking his finals. Also, interestingly enough, the Fallout 4 fan makes it clear that he made it all work through roughly 6 and a half hours of diligent planning, collection, and construction of materials in-game without the use of mods or cheats and console commands.

This isn’t the first time that a gamer has made music within Fallout 4. Several days after the action-RPG’s release, a fan managed to recreate the Super Mario Bros. theme using pressured plates and powered speakers. However, as seen and heard below, Linky Link’s homage to the game’s main theme is superior, for on top of being more fitting, it’s less choppy and has better fluidity.

Linky Link’s video above is simply the latest example of the inherent creativity and ingenuity of Fallout 4 fans. While his salute to Bethesda’s open world title is more musically-inclined, others have chosen to utilize the game’s attributes to create works that can only be appreciated from a visual perspective, such as one Reddit user’s nod to the series’ origins with an isometric view mod.

Then, of course, there are fans of the retro-futuristic game that have paid tribute to Fallout 4 by way of assets outside of the title. YouTuber HankWank, for instance, used Garry’s Mod to make a Counter-Strike mashup trailer parodying the live-action Wanderer ad that premiered before Bethesda’s title released, which ended up drawing parallels between both gaming universes.

While all of these pieces of fan-made products are definitely delightful in their inventiveness and dedication to source material, it’s inevitable for the daily deluge of Fallout 4-related content to eventually become tiresome, as fans will naturally move on to newer releases slated for the upcoming year. To put it one way, it’s practically impossible to have cake and ice cream for every single meal and not start to crave a little bit of variety in one’s diet. Be that as it may, the commitment to Fallout 4 could continue to grow, especially since Bethesda has yet to release the game’s Season Pass and DLC.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Link Linky – YouTube