Fallout 4 Fan Creates Awesome Tesla Rifle Replica


It's no secret that plenty of video game fans nowadays have dedicated countless hours to creating outfits emulating the duds of their most adored protagonists, antagonists, and non-playable characters, and those from Fallout 4 are certainly no exception. Of course, in order to absolutely nail cosplaying, one usually needs an accurate and authentic-looking representation of a weapon from their favorite titles, and for fans of the post-apocalyptic RPG's Automatron DLC, Wasted Props has created an all-too-convincing replica of the expansion's Tesla rifle.

As seen below in the video from Wasted Props' Facebook page, the replica Tesla rifle doesn't just look like the real thing, but it also acts out its functional properties, too, as it spins and "charges" just like the original weapon from the game. Not to mention, the model of the gun from the post-apocalyptic title is to scale, measuring in at over 1 meter–that is, 40 inches–long, which would make it somewhat difficult to wield, but a perfect addition to any Fallout 4 fan's Vault 111 Sole Survivor costume.

Of course, Wasted Props' Tesla rifle is far from the first real world fan creation of assets from Fallout 4, as there have been a plethora of players who have used the game for creative inspiration. For instance, one fan made a real Pipe Bolt Action Pistol in just over twelve hours for a “One Day Build” challenge. Then there are the fans who decided to create their own fully operational 3D-printed Pip-Boys after the official ones from Bethesda sold out so quickly soon after the game's launch in 2015.

All things considered, though, Wasted Props' efforts to make the Tesla rifle replica should definitely be commended, for not only did it take the creator a sizeable amount of time and effort to find all of the right pieces and make them operational, but also it's representative of one of Fallout 4's more unique weapons. Those interested in following along in the process of Wasted Props' journey to put together the replica rifle would do well to check out their official Facebook page.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Wasted Props – Facebook

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