One Fallout 4 player uses the post-apocalyptic RPG’s settlement-building tools to recreate Tenpenny Tower, one of the most famous locations from Fallout 3.

When Fallout 4 was released in November of last year, many players were impressed with the sheer scope of the game. Alongside the main plot set in the ruins of a post-Nuclear war Boston, there was also a wealth of side-quests and even the ability to build settlements throughout the Commonwealth wasteland. One player, however, clearly missed some of the locations from the previous main Fallout series, and decided to build a replica of the Fallout 3’s Tenpenny Tower.

The gamer in question, who goes by the name of Kadno, took to Reddit to reveal the hard work that went in to the creation of the tower. Calling the building Nopenny Tower, the name may well relate to the tower’s slightly less extravagant appearance in comparison to the original. It may not look as glamorous, but the amount of time and effort that Kadno took was impressive, with it apparently taking “pretty much the whole game” to gather the materials required to build the tower.

It seems as though the decision to build the Tenpenny Tower re-creation appears to have been a post-plot mission for the player. “After I finished the main quest, I decided to spend my retirement in my own Tenpenny Tower,” explained Kadno. However, collecting enough scrap to build the tower took a little too much time out of the player character’s relaxation, so they eventually “just cheated” for the rest of the required material. The tower can be seen in this Imgur gallery, complete with shot-for-shot comparisons of the original Tenpenny.

Tenpenny Tower

It’s not the only time that a Fallout 4 player has attempted to recreate locations from another video game. Previously, another wasteland survivor decided to bring a little bit of Bioshock to the Bethesda RPG, building a settlement similar in feel to Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia. Meanwhile, another Fallout 4 user decided to make a bastion in the form of a Star Wars AT-AT.

The settlement building side quests and content have led to a huge number of fantastic projects, with Fallout 4 players unleashing a creative streak across the game. The game’s users haven’t only been building settlements based on previously created content, either, with one fantastic example being a giant fortress built in-game.

Not everyone who has played Fallout 4 is a fan of the settlement-building content, however, with one modder deciding to stop Preston Garvey’s annoying settlement requests once and for all. However, overall the content has proved to be a popular addition to the post-apocalyptic series, making the player feel as though they are having a genuine impact on the state of the Commonwealth. No doubt there will be more fantastic builds appearing in the future.

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