The ‘Fallout 4’ Enigma: Imminent Reveal Or An Elaborate Hoax?

By | 3 years ago 

Look. We all want this to happen, but if you have come for answers, you are definitely in the wrong place.

Bethesda is regarded as one of the best developers and publishers in the video game world. The developer side of the company is synonymous with expansive, breathing worlds that players can easily put hundreds of hours into. The team is responsible for The Elder Scrolls series and before its latest installment (see: Skyrim) for Fallout 3.

Some gamers cite Bethesda’s take on the Fallout series as one of the best last-gen experiences you could have. Ever since we’ve stopped wandering the wastes, Fallout 4 has been up there just behind Half Life 3 as one of the most eagerly anticipated game sequels and not a year has gone by that fans haven’t speculated on the sequel’s announcement.

Recently, there has been a flurry of activity on that front with a mysterious website launching that was on a domain owned by ZeniMax Media, Bethesda’s parent company. After some searching, it was found that the website was enlisted in Poland, leading many to think that it was in fact a hoax. Although that isn’t it. It was also reported that Fallout 4 was trademarked by Bethesda at OHIM. This looked more legitimate, but there is still doubt since recently a Half Life 3 trademark was filed on the same website and that turned out a bum lead.

Well, here is more to confuse matters even further. First off, IncGamers has caught upon a rather strange message hidden on the Survivor 2099 site. The message read:

“Nuclear winter is coming. Reserve your future home today! Call 877-260-2299″

Users could call that number and Tranquility Lane from Fallout 3 would play. Interestingly though, this number no longer works. One has to wonder why that might be. If it is indeed Bethesda doing all this, why would it discontinue the number? Another unanswered question.

Also on the site, you can find some possible foreshadowing in a message that reads:


Bethesada New Announcement 2013 Fallout 4

Now, here is where things get out-of-hand confusing. Las Vegas Guardian has compiled a series of articles outlining the hunt for answers. Several messages have been found referring to characters, Caesar’s Legion and alluding to a Massachusetts setting through Morse code and in the site’s HTML. But perhaps the most interesting evidence found is a piece of audio that was allegedly stumbled upon. Reddit users have been pulling their efforts together to crack the secrets of the website and one of them has found this piece of audio.

Many are speculating that this could be the audio for an announcement as it follows a similar structure to previous teaser trailers. Although don’t get too excited yet. There is some doubt as to exactly how the audio was found, even if it does seem professionally edited.

This is only a taste of what has been found, so if you want a fuller picture, prepare to get your hands dirty over at Reddit. There is a ton of material to sift through, some of it bearing fruit, some not and lots with no real answer. What is at least clear is that someone has set the Fallout community alight, getting them to chase their tails and whip up a storm. It just remains to be seen if that someone is Bethesda.

The clock on the website is counting down to December 11th, when we expect the gaming world will have some answers. It is possible that Fallout 4 could be announced at VGX on December 7th with the site launching further information about the game a few days later. Only time will tell on this one but Bethesda announced Skyrim at the same event.

What do you think? Is it a hoax? Is it real? Is a Fallout 4 announcement coming? Let us know below.


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