Skyrim may not be the only Bethesda Game Studios release headed to the Nintendo Switch, if a leaked retailer listing is to be believed. According to a Spanish retail posting that appeared and was subsequently taken down, Bethesda may be prepping a Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition for the hot new console.

The Fallout 4 GOTY Switch listing appeared early Saturday and lasted a few hours before eventually being taken down. When it comes to retail listing takedowns they can go either way: some are taken down because they went live too early, while others are taken down because they are incorrect.

Since this is a foreign retailer, there is an added layer of skepticism regarding the leak, if only because foreign retailers tend to list non-existent products more often than North American hubs. But plenty of times they are right, so it’s worth looking at the leak in its entirety and trying to figure out if the Nintendo Switch is really getting a Fallout 4 port.

fallout 4 switch listing

In the pro column is the success of the Nintendo Switch and the fact that Fallout 4 is an older game. It might be relatively easy for Bethesda to port the title to Nintendo’s platform, and if so any sales would be almost like free money. It’s why so many indie games are making the jump to Switch – any opportunity to get one’s game in more hands is a win and a lot of Switch owners are looking for something to play.

Alongside that, Bethesda is likely well versed in porting a game to Switch since it is in the process of bringing Skyrim over to the console. For what it’s worth, the Skyrim Switch version has some new features, like the ability to use motion controls to cast spells and wield weapons, but it is still a port. In fact, bringing Fallout 4 might be easier since there wouldn’t need to be any special features.

On the flip side of that last point is the fact that Fallout 4 is a much newer game than Skyrim and therefore might not even be capable of running on the Switch. We know that Nintendo’s console packs some power, but it does have limitations as well.

But the biggest thing working against the Fallout 4 Switch rumor is that the listing says the game will release alongside the other versions of the Game of the Year Edition later this month, September 26th to be exact. If Bethesda is planning to release this additional port so soon, though, there would have been a formal announcement by now.

Source: Go Nintendo