Bethesda releases a beta version of Fallout 4‘s survival mode for PC gamers, inviting players to bug test the game mode and offer any comments on the feature.

While some gamers have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming Fallout 4 DLC expansions, others have been waiting for the game to really pose an intense challenge. The latter’s wish has now been granted, as the Fallout 4 survival beta is now available for PC players.

Fallout 4‘s survival mode has promised to make the post-apocalyptic wasteland experience absolutely grueling. The mode has removed many of the aspects of Fallout 4 that make the game a bit easier and shorter, like fast travel or that limbs automatically heal once a fight is over. While the beta has only just begun and more changes are sure to come, Bethesda has already made some tweaks to Fallout 4‘s survival mode from what was initially revealed in the survival mode leak.

One major change that’s been made to the survival system is the addition of an immunodeficiency debuff. Using RadAway to remove radiation will temporarily make the player more susceptible to illnesses, and they’ll automatically become tired, which shortens the time a Sole Survivor can wander the wasteland without sleeping. In short, while using RadAway to get rid of radiation is eventually a necessity, Bethesda is making sure that gamers carefully consider whether the radiation damage is worth the injury they’ll suffer from using RadAway.

With the survival mode beta available for PC players now, Bethesda has opened a community forum for players to discuss what they like and dislike about the mode, as well as alerting Bethesda to any glitches they uncover. At the moment, it would appear that some gamers are having difficulty with their games crashing due to the mode, but many others seem to be using it with no problems.

fallout 4 roaming deathclaw

Given that the Fallout series can be modded until it barely even resembles the base game, it’s a nice extra gesture for Bethesda to create a survival mode all their own. One gamer grew so eager for the Fallout 4 survival mode following its leak that they created a Fallout 4 survival mode mod that would implement one aspect of the official survival mode: removing all forms of saves with the exception of sleeping in a bed. Given enough time and the upcoming release of the Fallout 4 Creation Kit modification system, modders surely would have created a grueling survival mode of their own.

Bethesda’s choice to create their own intense survival mode rather than leaving it to the fans is admirable. PC gamers who are interested in giving it a whirl can download it directly from Steam, and are encouraged to pitch in to the survival mode forum to leave feedback and suggestions.

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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