One incredibly skilled Fallout 4 player goes on to beat the Survival Mode for Bethesda Softworks’ post-apocalyptic RPG without dying once during the playthrough.

As many fans of Fallout 4 may be aware, the Survival Mode for Bethesda’s open world title is extremely taxing, as it forces gamers to fight through the Wasteland against more lethal enemies, to explore without the use of fast travel, to stay fed, hydrated, and rested, to save only after sleeping, and so much more. Now, a player by the name of Kyle Hinckley has taken on Fallout 4‘s seemingly insurmountable challenge and has ended up defeating the mode without dying once, all while not relying on a save file by enacting the game’s permadeath option.

Some fans may recall Hinckley, also known as The Weirdest on YouTube, defeating Fallout 4 in a similarly interesting way, as he was one of the first players to beat the base game without killing anything. While a lot of gamers might argue that those stringent limitations may a bit more difficult than the Survival Mode, as practically everything in the post-apocalyptic RPG is out to kill and maim the Sole Survivor, just trust us when we say that the stakes were most certainly higher in Hinckley’s Permadeath run.

As seen in the video below, Hinckley takes on Fallout 4‘s Survival Mode with his crudely, yet perfectly named character, Dick Johnson. By using the game’s character creation system to imbue the protagonist with plenty of hit-points, the YouTuber then went on to adopt some of Fallout 4‘s more health-friendly perks, such as Ghoulish, which allows radiation to heal players, and Solar Powered, which counteracts the damage that comes from rads. However, most of his encounters—even the superficially easy battles between Mole Rats and Raiders—went on to become life-threatening situations.

As if the troubles provided by Fallout 4‘s Survival Mode weren’t enough, Hinckley became plagued by a glitch that wouldn’t let him dismiss Preston Garvey from being an active companion, which seemed helpful at first since the player had two NPC partners for assistance, but the bug ended up biting him hard. Eventually, the senior officer of the Commonwealth Minutemen turned hostile against Hinckley over a strange misunderstanding, and due to the fact that Garvey is an essential NPC which can’t be killed, Hinckley had to evade him at all cost.

Of course, it all worked in the end, as the YouTuber went on to best Fallout 4‘s highest level of difficulty, but it wasn’t without its struggles. Plus, on top of actually taking on the Survival Mode, Hinckley was playing the beta version, which was really even more troublesome due to it not having all of the latest features updated.

At any rate, loads more Fallout 4 players are sure to attempt the title’s Survival Mode and die trying, but even if they do end up outlasting its harshest elements, it’s safe to say they won’t have an experience as eventful as Hinckley’s. With that in mind, a lot of fans may decide to sidestep the Survival Mode and simply wait until Bethesda releases the action-RPG’s forthcoming Far Harbor DLC.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: The Weirdist – YouTube