One Fallout 4 modder decides to add a little bit of superhero style to the post-apocalyptic RPG, adding power armor based around Batman, Superman, and other famous heroes.

In Fallout 4, the lone survivor can often feel like a one-man army facing off against waves of bandits and mutant creatures. Acting as a champion of the wasteland, the player can feel almost like a superhero – particularly when suited up in the game’s nigh-impenetrable power armor. Now, one of the game’s modders has added a number of skins that make the player feel even closer to the most famous heroes of the comic book world.

The modder in question, who goes by the name JayButzer007, has created some downloadable content that changes the design of the game’s power armor. When these mods are installed, the player’s Fallout 4 armor can be transformed into some of the biggest names in comics. As just one example, the user has made a number of Batman paint jobs – perfect for those who would like to see how The Dark Knight Rises-era Batman would fare against the super mutant horde. The mod can be seen over at its Nexus Mods page.

It’s not just The Caped Crusader that could be making an entrance into the Fallout wasteland, however. As well as Batman, JayButzer007 has also created a paint job that makes the user’s power armor look similar to Superman’s Man of Steel color scheme. Meanwhile, players who prefer The Green Lantern to the other DC heroes mentioned can also become that hero through this mod.

Superman Power Armor Fallout 4

It’s not just these comic book characters that have made their way into Fallout 4 as modded content. In fact, plenty of other video game franchises have made the jump into the game. Most recently, one modder decided to make content that granted the player Geralt’s gear from The Witcher 3.

Rather than simply giving players aesthetic changes through fan-made content, the modding community also grants players improvements to the overall game. Some also grant users some different mechanics, changing the way in which Fallout 4 plays. One such example is a mod that replaces the game’s VATS system with Max Payne-style Bullet Time.

For those console players looking forward to modded content, however, it looks as though there’s still a little while to wait. Although a new patch for the game was released this week, bringing bug fixes, stability improvements, and new PC effects, the ability to build fan-made content was still lacking. Still, Bethesda has promised that more news is coming soon, so hopefully it won’t be long before console players are revelling in modded content too.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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