A new Star Wars-themed Fallout 4 PC mod allows players to wield four different lightsabers and explore the wasteland as a Jedi knight or a Sith warrior.

Fallout 4 arrived about a month ago and the hype surrounding the game has given it the momentum it needs to stay relevant and continue to be one of the most talked about and most played games this holiday season. The game’s open-world and near endless content is part of the reason many gamers are still spending hours a day in the wasteland, but the ability to customize the experience with mods gives the Fallout 4 experience even more longevity.

Adding everything from weapon racks to enhanced graphics to Fallout 4 with mods offers PC gamers endless hours of entertaining content. In the spirit of the Star Wars season, a new mod allows players to wield lightsabers in the game, as well. The weapons come equipped with all of the sound effects any fan of the galaxy far, far away would hope for and they even come in the four most popular color blades…

The mod allows players to wield blue, green, purple, or red sabers. Each lightsaber has a unique design, animation, and light source. The weapons operate just like any other melee sword, but give a new level of flavor to the world. Players can use the character customization options to build a protagonist who looks like their favorite Jedi or Sith or they can just throw on a Darth Vader helmet and equip the red blade.

Mods like these are some of the most entertaining and are fairly easy to get away with in the world of PC gaming. As Bethesda works towards adding mods to the Xbox One version of Fallout 4, we’ll be very curious to see what happens to mods like this that border on copyright or trademark infringement. It would be very surprising to see Microsoft allow this sort of mod without Disney’s approval.

This mod does open up some very unique doors and inspire some cool ideas for future additions to the game though. We’ve seen some bizarre weapons, like the baby rocket launcher, modded in already, but looking to other franchises from gaming and film for weapon, attire, and other mod options is a great options for modders. Maybe after next week someone will be willing to construct a Kylo Ren mask? Pretty please?

What do you think of the lightsaber mod? Are there any other iconic weapons or artifacts from the Star Wars universe that you would like to see modded into Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Nexusmods