It’s been nearly four months since Fallout 4 launched to tremendous fanfare and by now most players are likely on their third or fourth playthrough. In fact, many Fallout fans have already taken to expanding their experience through mods, feeling as though they have seen all that the base game has to offer. However, as it turns out, one Fallout 4 secret has yet to be uncovered, or at least no one has come forward to share their discovery.

While speaking at DICE 2016, Bethesda Game Studios Director Todd Howard talked at length about Fallout 4, the future of BGS, and many other intriguing topics. He even teased that the developer is currently working on three big projects, which was met with tremendous excitement from fans.

In addition to those meatier quotes, Howard also mentioned a small secret in Fallout 4 that has yet to be discovered. He wouldn’t say much more than that, but did hint that the secret is related to one of the game’s Terminals, in-game computers that typically contain a wealth of backstory and lore, among other things.

Lore is a massive part of each and every Bethesda game, to the point that players typically find new secrets for months after release. But eventually they stop looking at a point, assuming that everything has been discovered.

Obviously, Howard knew what he was doing by teasing the secret, and surely Fallout 4 fans are now racing to every Terminal in the hopes of finding it first. But the bigger question isn’t where the secret Terminal can be found, but what it entails. The fact that Howard is willing to call it out in such a public forum suggests this is more than the common Easter Egg, and could be a hint towards future Bethesda plans.

Fallout 4 Jetpack Mod 2

Perhaps this secret gives players a better idea as to what the upcoming Fallout 4 DLC will entail, either in story or scope. Or perhaps it’s a fun tie-in with The Elder Scrolls franchise – a way for Bethesda to show some love to their other hugely popular RPG series.

Whatever the case may be, now that the proverbial cat is out of the bag, we don’t expect it will be long before someone comes forward with the secret. If Fallout 4 players can take the time to map the underwater regions of post-apocalyptic Boston, or find every Fusion Core in the game, we’re pretty sure finding the right Terminal with the secret shouldn’t be a problem.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamespot