Fallout 4: The 10 Craziest Random Encounters You Probably Missed

Fallout 4 may have earned its fair share of slack upon release, but that certainly doesn't mean that it wasn't a good game. While it may have fallen a bit short of our lofty expectations, it is still an unbelievably expansive game filled with rich characters and seemingly endless encounters and side quests.

And due to the sheer density of the game's world, it's only inevitable that some of the encounters have been missed by a large faction of the player base. Luckily, we're here to tell you about some of these so you can experience them in all their glory.

These are the ten craziest random encounters you probably missed in Fallout 4.

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10 Gene The Dog Vendor

Gene the Dog Vendor doesn't exactly sound like the friendliest or most moral of titles, but eh, it's really not that bad. Upon your adventures in the Wasteland you may come across a man named Gene. Gene will have a variety of dogs for some reason, and he will offer to sell one to you for 250 caps. Should you decide to accept that transaction, the dog will be sent to any number of your settlements, and said settlement will receive a +5 to its defense.

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Luckily, this isn't a one-time thing, as Gene can be found throughout the game, and you can continuously purchase dogs from the so-called dog vendor.

9 Food Paste

Upon your adventures in the Wasteland you can come across three dead raiders. Should you explore this unfortunate scene, you will discover that one of the raiders has a note. The note comes from one of the unnamed raiders, who begs his friend Hank not to eat the creepy food paste. The food paste is some weird experimental form of food given away at the Suffolk County charter school. The note insinuates that Hank had become addicted to the food paste, referencing the fact that the food has various addictive qualities. Following this encounter, the school will be marked on the map.

8 The Postman

The great thing about these games is that they are filled with so much incredible lore and various back stories that we may never learn. Such is the case with the dead postman. You can happen across a deceased settler wearing a postman's uniform, and on his person are three letters. Should you read these letters, you will discover the location of various places that you can explore. Unfortunately, we don't know much about this deceased Postman, including how he died. That said, the VDSG states that he was slain by "despicable foes," so there you have it.

7 Eyebot

Even those in the Commonwealth need jobs. Luckily, the Eyebot is here to help! In your playthrough you may come across a functioning Eyebot, who will tell you about prosperous employment opportunities at Cambridge Polymer Labs. Of course, you can just ignore the Eyebot and go about your day. However, should you follow the Eyebot's orders, you will come across aid labs and unlock a quest. This quest is called...well, Cambridge Polymer Labs, and it will see you finishing a centuries-old science experiment. Should you do this, you will earn 200 XP and $25 in pre-war money.

6 Smiling Larry

During your journey you may stumble across Smiling Larry, and trust us, you absolutely want to make friends with Smiling Larry. Larry will simply sell you various items like any other vendor, but if you have more than thirty settlers in your settlement and the level three weapons emporium unlocked, you can recruit Smiling Larry into your service. If he is assigned to the emporium, he will sell you the Reckoning, a unique variation of the Ripper. This does everything the Ripper can, but it will also allow the player to receive 15% less damage while standing still. It's a great weapon, and it only comes from one place.

5 Timothy

To find Timothy, you need to ensure a few things. For one, the Institute needs to still be active. For another, the Railroad quest Boston After Dark cannot be completed. Should this be accomplished, you can come across Timothy, an escaped synth who has run away from The Institute.

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He will ask you directions to Bunker Hill, and if you have previously visited the location, you can either give him the directions, no questions asked, or ask for caps in exchange for the directions. Should you do this, he will simply wander away towards Bunker Hill but will never actually enter it. Weird...

4 Kat And Gus

One of the most unique merchants in the game is a little girl named Kat and her sentry bot guardian, Gus. Kat is a simple merchant and will sell you some random items. She is fiercely protected by Gus, a massive and entirely unique sentry bot. Should you lure some enemies towards the duo, you will see Gus in all his glorious action as he defends Kat. He is able to take down various enemies with his offensive and defensive skills, and he can dispose of the raiders that spawn in front of the Drumlin Diner. Sometimes it's just fun to watch a massive robot take down its attackers.

3 Duke

While we're on the subject of robots, we may as well mention Duke. Duke can be found in the Wasteland scouring a car for parts. If you approach and speak to him, you will learn that he is a member of the Atom Cats and he will helpfully mark the Atom Cats garage on your map. Here you will find some notable loot, including a fusion core, Hot Rodder issue #2, and the Atom Cats T-60 power armor. You can also pickpocket Duke's fusion core, and if you are successful, he will leave the armor, allowing you to enter and steal it. Now that's one way to get your thieving hands on some!

2 Lukowski's Cannery

At random locations around the Wasteland you may come across various gassy settlers. They can be found at cooking stations, and they will warn you to stay away once you get close. If you persist and talk to them some more, they will admit that they are feeling gassy and blame their troubles on some bad cans of meat obtained from a man named Lukowski. Longneck Lukowski's Cannery will then be marked on your Pip-Boy. Here you will some interesting pieces of loot, along with the side quest Mystery Meat. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some gassy settlers!

1 Bobbi No-Nose

Now that is a Fallout name if we've ever heard one! To unlock this side quest, you need to be approached by a non-hostile Triggerman. They will inquire as to your interest in a potential job, and should you accept, he will direct you towards Bobbi No-Nose in Goodneighbor. If you make your way to Goodneighbor, you can meet Bobbi No-Nose, a corrupt mobster who gives you the quests Recruiting Hancock and The Big Dig. Even if you don't want to do these quests, it's worth it just to see the terrifying Bobbi No-Nose in person. She's a real looker.

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