One extremely devoted Fallout 4 player attempts to discover every single secret location hidden away in the world of Bethesda’s popular post-apocalyptic RPG.

Ever since December of last year, a YouTuber going by the name “The LAWD” has been on a quest to seek out and document all of the hidden and secret areas to be found in Fallout 4‘s Boston Commonwealth Wasteland setting. So far, the gamer has recorded over 90 videos in total, with each one providing instructions as to how other fans of the open world title can find the spots themselves.

All of The LAWD’s videos filming his excursions are pretty short, with most of them clocking in at just under 3 minutes a pop. Should Fallout 4 fans wish to join him in his journey to find all of the game’s different hideaways, it wouldn’t take more than a day or so to catch up with everything he’s found thus far should they keep the YouTuber’s walk-through videos handy.

One of the earliest clips The LAWD put together involved him finding a secret stash near the beginning of the game in a steamer trunk on a broken rowboat underwater which yielded a hearty sum of loot. Another, and one of his more recent videos, has him exploring the ArcJet Engine Transport near Fort Hagen, which provides an explosive ending. Fans can get a taste of The LAWD’s travels so far by checking out the footage for the two aforementioned locations below.

Considering Fallout 4‘s sizable map, The LAWD’s goal of finding all of the game’s secret spots might prove to be a daunting one, especially since he’s been at it since December 2015, and is still uncovering new areas. Not to mention, he’ll have even more to explore once Bethesda makes the title’s Season Pass and DLC available sometime this year.

As some fans may recall, a lot of gamers undertook similar campaigns soon after Fallout 4‘s launch, which led them to begin searching for ocean floor secrets. In fact, the collective discoveries of all these players’ aquatic adventuring resulted in one dedicated gamer taking the time to compile the finds to design and illustrate an underwater map that denotes their locations.

Whether or not The LAWD will be able to stumble upon each and every undisclosed locale is debatable, but the mission’s success will really just come down to sheer will and determination on his part. Of course, the feedback from Fallout 4‘s online community will undoubtedly help him to fill in any of the missing gaps in his exploits.

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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