Amongst the many easter eggs in Fallout 4, one gamer finds an unused, unique gun in the game’s files, and shares it with other gamers in the form of a mod.

Gamers have already uncovered a myriad of Fallout 4 easter eggs, but it looks to be only the beginning. By digging through the game’s files, one gamer has discovered an unused weapon and made it available for gamers to use.

Modder xxdeathknight72xx discovered a secret Harpoon Gun in Fallout 4‘s files, though it’s not available anywhere in the actual game. The gun is incomplete, and as such, can’t be added simply by using a console command or accessing Fallout 4‘s secret room. However, with a little tinkering, xxdeathknight72xx was able to tweak the gun to make it usable in-game, provided gamers don’t mind installing a mod overriding the railway rifle.

The Harpoon Gun is a sight to behold, bearing six harpoons at any given time and working just like the railway rifle. While it’s unclear why Bethesda chose to leave the gun out, it’s possible that it may be linked to a cancelled underwater area, or that it was simply a test item. In any case, the gun appears to have been originally intended to be used either underwater or to attack enemies in the water, as bubbles come out of the harpoons when they strike their targets.

PC gamers who want to download the mod can find it at NexusMods, but console gamers are unfortunately left out of this one. Ammunition is also a bit of a hassle, as the gun requires special harpoon ammo that can’t be found in-game, and must be manually added to a player’s inventory with a console command. However, the harpoon gun looks like a ton of fun to play with, even if gamers choose to just mess around with it rather than implementing it into a permanent part of their arsenal.

Games’ weapons, levels, and even GUIs are often changed or cut before a game is released. The thing that sets the Harpoon Gun apart is that it was relatively close to completion; many cut items in games are completely unusable, but the modder was able to get the Harpoon Gun working. Though it may never be clear why the gun wasn’t included in the final build, it’s nice that gamers can now use it anyway.

Considering that Fallout 4 is a massive game with tons of secrets yet to be discovered just by playing through, it remains to be seen if there’s more cut content hidden in the game’s files. We’re just glad that Bethesda isn’t charging players money to unlock content that’s already in the game.

Fallout 4 is now available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: NexusMods, YouTube