Fallout 4 Season Pass: Last Chance on Lower $24 Price

Update: Fallout 4: Far Harbor is now released. The latest DLC and Season Pass deals are listed below.

Calling all Fallout 4 fans to take note, particularly those interested in the game's Season Pass and upcoming DLC/expansions: Starting March 1st next week, Bethesda is jacking up the price on the Fallout 4 Season Pass from $29.99 to $49.99. In these last few days of February, you can still get the $29.99 price at most retailers, but for even bigger savings, there's a cheaper Fallout 4 Season Pass deal out there for bargain hunters.

PC Deal

Update: Prices above are after the Season Pass price increase.

Digital retailer GMG has a 20% off coupon code you can apply to the Season Pass, slashing the price to $24. That's one of the best prices online from an authorized Bethesda retailer. Just a note: GMG's 20% off coupon isn't exclusive to the Fallout 4 Season Pass and can be used for most games sold on the site. The code is set to expire after the weekend on February 29th at 8AM Pacific. While GMG often extends its coupons, the point is somewhat moot given the base price rises to $49.99 when the clock strikes Monday morning.

Console Deal

Unlike the PC deal above, the console "deals" listed above aren't really discounted per se. Nevertheless, they are worthwhile to grab before the price hike come next Monday. The easiest retailer to grab from is Amazon, as they provide for the digital code of the game. (Of course, you can always buy straight from PSN or Xbox Live.)

Fallout 4 Season Pass Price Increase

Suffice it to say, Bethesda is justifying the price increase due to the additional content (both announced and planned) that they've disclosed. If you're skeptical on the additional content, you can ignore the price increase come March 1st and try for a slot in the upcoming closed Betas Bethesda will be offering on each of the DLC packs. Word from Bethesda is that participants will receive a free copy of the DLC they end up testing.

The first Fallout 4 Season Pass content arrives next month - the "Automatron" DLC pack. More details on that along with the two other announced DLC packs contained in the Season Pass can be found here.

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