One modder decides to bring a bit of Quake-style fun to the world of Fallout 4, creating additional content that allows the user to rocket jump across the wasteland.

Although realistic first-person shooters are now generally the de facto FPS for gamers, it was not always the case. In years gone by, hyperspeed twitch shooters were the most popular form of first-person shooter on the market, with series such as Quake, Tribes, and Unreal Tournament. Although the sub-genre of FPS has faded in mainstream popularity of late, with remnants remaining in the likes of Team Fortress 2, a recent Fallout 4 mod will be able to bring at least one aspect of the Quake series to modern gaming.

The fan-made content, which was created by Fallout 4 player and YouTube user EZPlays, allows the player to bring back the joy of rocket jumping to the ruins of the Commonwealth. The mod allows the user to fly at speeds around the remains of Boston, taking down the mutant and raider hordes as they come. At the moment, however, the mod is still a work in progress, but it’s looking good thus far.

The mod, which aims to bring back some of the high-octane fun of the Quake series for fans of the classic franchise, works with both the rocket launcher and the Fat Man. Allowing the user to jump a great distance, it’s perfect for those who want to get around their Fallout 4 playthrough with great speed and fun. Those interested in the mod can check it out in action in the YouTube video below.

The rocket jump mod is far from the only bit of fan-made content that EZPlays has involved themselves with, however. Alongside this love letter to shooters of a bygone age, the modder also spent time playing the much-loved One Punch Man mod. If this new mod reaches the same level of enjoyment as that particular download, then the rocket jump content is also going to be a sure-fire hit.

The Quake series was once one of the most popular shooter franchises, built by the same studio that brought the seminal FPS epic Doom to the gaming community. However, the series has faded into obscurity a little, particularly after id Software stopped having direct involvement in the development of the franchise. Although Quake 4 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars received moderate success, the franchise has never quite been the same, with no main series releases since 2007.

However, with id Software working hard on the upcoming Doom reboot, who knows what the future will hold for Quake. The next Doom title is set to try and return to the series’ roots, with the development team bumping the difficulty and creating maze-like levels. Should the move back to traditional FPS mechanics be successful, perhaps the time might be right for Quake to once more return into the shooter fold.

Source: YouTube (via VG247)