Fallout 4: Bethesda VP Explains Why It Was Announced Near Release; World Is ‘Really Huge’

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Before Fallout 4‘s official announcement during Bethesda’s first-ever E3 2015 press conference, speculation for the game’s release window was abound, as fans and industry insiders presumed that the latest entry in the popular post-apocalyptic franchise would be coming in 2016. However, once it became known that Fallout 4‘s official launch date is set for this November, many were utterly surprised, and quite frankly, their excited, yet nonplussed reactions weren’t without good reason.

To be honest, the typical production cycle has conditioned us to believe that once a developer makes a title’s existence public knowledge, then there will be a year-long wait for its availability at the very least. Although, thankfully, Bethesda’s philosophy on the matter is more progressive and unique, as Pete Hines, the studio’s Vice President of Marketing, explained to DualShockers during gamescom 2015 that announcing the game toward the tail-end of its development just felt right. Not to mention, his positive opinion on the matter was probably also bolstered by a previous statement of his saying that Fallout 4 was “basically done” before they had even shown one piece of footage.

Expanding upon the issue, Hines also goes on to elaborate that he is partial to spending the least amount of time discussing a title as possible, for the longer a game is stuck in a promotional phase, unnecessary stress is piled onto the developers, as they are forced to divert attention away from the crafting release itself to build demos for conferences and expos. Furthermore, the Bethesda VP elaborates that by applying this reasoning, Fallout 4 will have a short, and successful marketing campaign. Nevertheless, he confirms that since the newest installment for the Wasteland-centric RPG is a special case, he doesn’t know if such a credo will work for the next project in their pipeline.

Fallout 4 Bunker Hill Monument

Bearing all of this in mind, fans would be remiss to believe that just because Fallout 4 has a short promo period that it means the game is also small. As a matter of fact, such a notion couldn’t be farther from the truth, for Hines makes it abundantly clear that the title has a “really huge” world with “hundreds and hundreds of hours” worth of material. Moreover, several days ago, Jeff Gardiner, Bethesda’s Lead Producer, revealed that after 400 hours of gameplay, he still finds new features, so gamers should expect to be exploring a nuked-out Boston for years to come.

Not to beat a dead horse, but considering the massive breadth and size of Fallout 4, it’s unquestionable that Bethesda’s upcoming release will be a top contender for game of the year once it becomes available. With so many fresh ideas and features to look forward to particularly the ability to customize and craft weapons, armor, and settlements – diehard devotees of the franchise ought to feel more content than a Deathclaw disemboweling Wastelanders once it drops.

Fallout 4 is set for release on November 10, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: DualShockers