Fallout 4: The 10 Most Exceedingly Rare Items In The Game

We've often discussed how Bethesda's open-world games have a tendency to appeal to our inner hoarder, compelling players to compulsively collect items. Fallout 4, in particular, features a ridiculous wealth of rare collectibles. Whether it's a rare, powerful weapon or an uncommonly occurring piece of miscellaneous tableware, there's something satisfying about putting it on display or stashing it away for safekeeping.

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If you think you've got a premier item hoard that absolutely includes every unique weapon and rare bauble in the game, put it to the test with the checklist below. Keep scrolling to check out ten of the most absurdly rare items in Fallout 4. Whether it's a humble piece of junk or a fancy, exclusive firearm, no truly thorough item collection can consider itself complete without them.

10 The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver isn't exactly a big secret, but it's a weapon that many will miss on their first playthrough simply because it's incredibly easy to permanently lock yourself out of getting it. In Fallout 4's Nuka World DLC, the player must pick consistently aggressive options with Mason for his dialogue during the quest "An Ambitious Plan."

To top that off, they then need to pass a very difficult Charisma check, after which Mason rewards them with The Problem Solver, a unique handmade rifle with the Furious legendary effect applied on it. If the player fails this check, they'll never get another opportunity to snag it.

9 Perfectly Preserved Pie

The Perfectly Preserved Pie, or "PPP" as it'll be referred to for the rest of this entry, is something of a legend within Fallout 4. Such is its mythical status that some would be tempted to label it unattainable. Rest assured, though, those suspiciously perfect looking slices of pie jammed inside of those bedeviled Port-A-Diners are legitimately obtainable.

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There's actually a mathematical formula in play every time the Sole Survivor uses the Port-A-Diner that determines the likelihood of successfully retrieving the PPP. Luck impacts the odds, and the chance of success increases slightly with every failed attempt. For context, a player with ten Luck stands a two percent chance of getting it on the first try. It may take hundreds of attempts, but patience is a rewarding virtue here.

8 Bathrobe

That's right. It might seem unimaginable that even the humble comforts of a good bathrobe are a rare luxury in the post nuclear wasteland of the Commonwealth, but it's true. One can be seen worn by a Sanctuary Hills resident in the prologue, and only one can be looted in the base game, in Monsignor Plaza.

Three more can be found within the Far Harbor DLC. Alternatively, they can be bought from WRVR radio actress Anne Hargraves if she's assigned as a clothing vendor. Humorously, these can be outfitted with ballistic weave, so if they're perfect for your aesthetic, don't let their initial lack of defensive properties turn you off.

7 HalluciGen Gas Grenade

HalluciGen gas grenades are craftable, but one of the components necessary for doing so is sorely limited - namely the HalluciGen gas canisters. In fact, there are only nine of them in total. They're all located at the HalluciGen, Incorporated building.

What's worse is that these canisters will break down into crafting materials, meaning that they're easily salvaged before the player realizes what else they can be used for. That's an awful shame considering how fun these things can be. They basically cause anything within the area of the effect to go berserk, attacking anything that's nearby - friend and foe alike.

6 Lieutenant's Hat

The Lieutenant's Hat exists in only two instances over the entire game. It can, most conventionally, be received as a reward for completing the quest "Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution," but there's a lesser known way of skipping all the hassle if you're in dire need of some extremely vintage military headgear. Ironsides does make the style look pretty fly, after all. His is just a wee bit different, though.

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Order Dogmeat to fetch items when standing outside of the Custom House Tower. Lo and behold, chances are he'll return with this very item in tow. It's functionally worthless, providing nothing in the way of defense and only a plus one bonus to Charisma.

5 2076 World Series Baseball Bat

The fabled treasure of Jamaica Plains can be a major letdown for how much the quest builds it up. The Sole Survivor's immense disappointment over being met with a glorified time capsule at the end of the treasure hunt can cause them to overlook this hilariously awesome melee weapon.

The bat looks unassuming enough, having been lumped in alongside some worthless memorabilia. However, it has a small chance to send struck enemies flying with every attack. The chance is fairly small, so it may take a while to get this effect to trigger, but the payoff is entirely worth the effort.

4 Poisoned Wine

It's difficult to fathom why the Sole Survivor might need a few bottles of poisoned wine, but they're out there if you fancy them for your collection. You might not want to use them as a conversation piece though, because the story behind them is pretty morbid.

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The members of the upscale Boylston Club (where these bottles are found) were unwilling to go on in the post-war world, so they met up for one final toast one week after the bombs fell. Hopefully, it was at least a decent vintage!

3 The Striker

If there's one thing Bethesda absolutely nailed with Fallout 4, it's the distinctly Fallout-style selection of weird and absurd weapons. From the Broadsider to the legendary Junk Jet, they're absolutely great, but The Striker easily gives the whole lot a run for their money.

The Striker is a mini-nuke launcher that's been configured to fire... bowling balls. Found within the Beaver Creek Lanes in the Far Harbor DLC, this is a weapon that cannot really be described as practical. Still, if smacking raiders around with bowling balls doesn't at least tempt you to crack a grin, then you need to make an appointment to get your sense of humor checked.

2 Leopard Print Bandana

There's actually an impressively wide selection of bandanas and face covers available for the style-oriented raiders and road warriors of Fallout 4. You could go with red, blue, skull-printed, military drab... the list goes on. However, the truly fashionable shouldn't settle for anything less than leopard print.

Bandanas are common enough, but the leopard print variety is particularly prized as a trophy. Many players report going hundreds upon hundreds of gameplay hours without encountering a single one. They're randomly spawned on dogs and settlers, so attempting to farm any location spawning hostile guard dogs or setting up a "settler farm" are both popular methods of trying to snag one.

1 Aeternus

After finally wrapping up "The Grand Tour" leg of the Nuka World DLC's main quests, the Sole Survivor will be challenged for leadership of Nuka World in the same way that they obtained it. Which is through a deathmatch in the Cola-cars Arena. The Sole Survivor will face a new challenger every few in-game days until, finally, they're confronted with the Rogue Knight.

Apparently a former Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, he's well equipped and definitely no slouch, but will drop this absurd, unique gatling laser upon defeat. The Aeternus has the Neverending legendary effect, but taken a step further. Rather than the weapon never needing to be reloaded, the Aeternus simply never runs out of ammo. Ever. It can literally be fired until you're bored with shooting.

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