One Fallout 4 player has found that the proper implementation of the game’s Idiot Savant perk offers a quick and easy way to supercharge experience gains.

Fallout 4 may have only been released a matter of days ago, but fans are already getting to grips with the best method of creating a powerful character. The game’s complex system of stats and perks might seem rather complicated at first, but with the proper foresight it’s relatively easy to create a fearsome vault dweller.

Reddit user going by the name minusra has published some tips on how to maximize your potential experience gains. Experience is the key to levelling up and choosing new perks — but choosing one perk in particular at an early stage in the game can reap benefits throughout the rest of your time in the wasteland.

This strategy makes full use of the ‘Idiot Savant’ perk, which offers the chance of triple the experience reward for any action, with greater multipliers for characters with a particularly low intelligence stat. Given that intelligence also has an impact on experience gains, it’s important to balance these two factors.

Minusra’s extensive testing has found that a character with only one point in intelligence and the Idiot Savant perk enabled will gain experience at the same rate as a character with nine points in intelligence without the perk. Given that the Idiot Savant perk can be upgraded further, it’s well worth having at your disposal.


To make use of this strategy, you’re going to need five points in your luck stat — it’s perhaps best to do this during the character creation process, so you can really hit the ground running. Five points may sound like a lot, but since it’s recommended that you don’t put many points into intelligence, it should balance out.

From there on out, you should be racking up bonus experience rather quickly. Any action from killing a ghoul to crafting a weapon can trigger the perk, with quests being the preferred option as they already dish out a significant amount of experience upon completion.

This method should speed up your progress and help build a character capable of enduring whatever the world of Fallout 4 has to offer. Combined with the game’s stock of stat-improving Bobbleheads, you’ll soon be the able to tackle just about anything the apocalypse might throw at you.

Fallout 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.