Bethesda gives its post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 4 a facelift later this week with a PlayStation 4 Pro update, and officially releases the details in the patch notes.

Not too long ago, Bethesda Game Studios announced its intentions to bring high-res textures to Fallout 4 with an update to supplement the visuals of the game on Sony’s enhanced console, the PlayStation 4 Pro. Now, it seems as if the publisher and developer is set to follow through on its promise soon enough, with Fallout 4‘s PS4 Pro fans primed to receive Update 1.9 sometime later this week.

In order to prepare Fallout 4 fans for the impending update, Bethesda made the PlayStation 4 Pro version’s patch notes available by way of an official blog post, detailing the additional changes being made to the title on Sony’s platform, which are currently live on PC. Unfortunately, though, the studio didn’t provide a specific date of availability for Update 1.9 on consoles, but those interested in what’s to come can find the Fallout 4 patch notes in full below.

Fallout 4 1.9 update

New Features

  • Enhanced PS4 Pro Support
  • Support for High Resolution Texture Pack (PC only)
  • Added Featured category for mods
  • Added ability to sort Highest Rated and Most Favorited filters by today, week, month and all time
  • Added number of ratings count to Mods Browsing Menu
  • Added number of favorites count to Mod Details page
  • Added required dependencies to Mod Details page
  • Added latest version number and notes to Mod Details page


  • General performance and stability improvements
  • Improvements to Reporting mods categories
  • Fixed occasional crashes while scrolling through Load Order menu
  • Improved error messaging


Not only will Fallout 4 be receiving an update later this week, but also Bethesda made sure to reveal that its fantasy-RPG Skyrim: Special Edition will get a patch of its own too, albeit one without any support for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Similarly to Fallout 4‘s Update 1.9, Skyrim‘s Update 1.4 is currently live on PC, so interested parties who play the fifth installment of the Elder Scrolls series on console can check out the patch notes in full right here.

For the uninitiated, Fallout 4 is far from the only recently released game to receive an update to support the PlayStation 4 Pro after its launch. As a matter of fact, there have been a plethora of titles to have been given post-launch patches to enhance the experience for PS4 Pro, such as Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 15. Plus, interestingly enough, Sony recently announced the inclusion of a PlayStation 4 Pro feature that’s being added to the console’s next firmware update called Boost Mode, which will introduce “improved gameplay, including higher frame rates” for some games put out before the system hit the market.

Taking all of this into account, with Fallout 4 being given the PlayStation 4 Pro treatment, it makes one wonder whether or not the post-apocalyptic RPG will be given an update for Microsoft’s next console code named Project Scorpio. Considering the fact that there’s no telling as to exactly when the upgraded version for the Xbox One will come out, it’s quite possible for Bethesda to provide an Ultimate Edition for Fallout 4 – packaging together the game all of its DLC, such as Automatron and Far Harbor – which will be ready for Project Scorpio out of the box, but that’s simply speculation at this point in time.

Fallout 4 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.