Fallout 4 Pre-Order Bonus Offers Vault Boy Socks

By | 1 year ago 

Players that order Fallout 4 and its Season Pass from Best Buy will receive a limited edition pair of socks featuring the series’ iconic Vault Boy mascot.

You might think that, given the frothing demand for Fallout 4, the game could be released to some sales success without the need for any trinkets to sweeten the deal. However, earlier today Bethesda announced yet another pre-order bonus for the hotly anticipated sequel.

Players who purchase the Fallout 4 ‘gold bundle’ at a participating Best Buy in North America will receive a pair of socks as an added extra. The package also includes the full game and its recently announced season pass, although there’s no word yet as to what the DLC schedule for the game will include.

The socks feature a Vault Boy pattern and boast the blue and yellow colour scheme favoured by the post-apocalyptic fashion designers that came up with the series’ iconic jumpsuit. If you’re worried about your feet being cold while you enjoy Fallout 4, this is just about the best deal you’re going to come across.

Fallout fans can combine these socks with the Pip-Boy being bundled with another special edition of the game in an attempt to cover three quarters of their available limbs in wasteland-friendly merchandise. At this point, it’s a surprise that Bethesda isn’t selling real-life Nuka Cola.

fallout socks

While Fallout was once thought of as a series emblematic of the golden age of PC gaming, its first mainline console instalment in 2008 changed all that. New audiences were exposed to the franchise, and now that larger pool of interest is being used to its maximum sales potential.

After the enormous success of Skyrim, it’s of little surprise that Bethesda is attempting to push Fallout in the same manner. Based on the rather stunning popularity of Fallout Shelter and the buzz around Fallout 4, this strategy certainly seems to be working well.

However, it only puts more pressure on the finished product being a success. New fans might be interesting in trying the series out — but tenured fans will be quick to call betrayal if Fallout 4 fails to meet their high standards.

Fallout 4 is set to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 10, 2015.

Source: VG247