Update: Fallout 4 is now released! We’ve updated the deals to reflect what’s still available.

We are just days away from the release of Fallout 4 – quite possibly one of the biggest titles to arrive this fall. While the game has been hyped everywhere from message boards to social networks, some fans are choosing to partake in pre-ordering Fallout 4, while others gauge the multitude of pre-order bonuses (including socks), wondering which to buy. If you’re on the fence about nabbing up a copy of Fallout 4, here’s a lowdown on all the deals and pre-order bonuses for gamers in the USA (and UK for PC digital version).

Fallout 4 Release Deals

PC Fallout 4 Pre-Order Deals & Bonuses

(All deals are Steam copies from authorized retailers.)

  • Steam Store: $59.99 (full price)
    No discount, but pre-order bonus is Dota 2 announcer pack.
  • GamesPlanet: £35.19 (or $53.67 USD, ~10% off)
    No coupon needed. Bonus offer is 80% off Skyrim Legendary.
  • FunStock Digital: £29.24 (or ~62AUD, 25% off)
    Use coupon: OCT-COUPMAIL-PRE25

Here’s a quick rundown of all the Fallout 4 PC deals listed above by retailer. GMG’s coupon will last until November 2nd at 9AM Pacific. DLGamer’s deal has an unknown expiration, although we actually expect them to discount Fallout 4 further when we get closer to its release date. Steam Store has nada in discounts, but if you really want the Fallout 4 Dota 2 Announcer Pack (Mr. Handy), this is the only place to get it.

GamesPlanet, another UK-based digital retailer, is offering a small 10% discount that works in the US as well. If you pre-order, you’ll have a chance to buy Skyrim Legendary at 80% off. Finally, FunStock gives get a big fat discount, and after currency conversion, you’re looking at $45 for the game. Be aware the coupon will expire after October 31st. Update: Funstock’s site appears to be having a lot of issue so you may not be receiving your keys yet. We’ve got confirmed reports that calling customer service can get you your key.

Will Fallout 4 Pre-Order Deals on PC Get Cheaper?

It’s tough to say, but we suspect GMG and DLGamer will have slightly better discounts in the coming days (saving you an extra $2-$3). If it happens, we’ll update the post with the new pricing and coupon code. For the other digital retailers, we don’t expect anything better than listed, given they’ve had stable pricing ever since Fallout 4 was announced. Update: We were wrong 🙁 the deals didn’t get any cheaper as far as we know. Looks like Fallout 4 is selling very well on its own without any bigger discounts.

For those worried they won’t have time to pre-load when purchasing from third party retailers, no need to sweat. The deals we listed are all from authorized retailers (Steam Store being an obvious one), and while keys being sent out during the pre-load phase are dependent on the publisher, Bethesda has already confirmed that pre-load will be available for Fallout 4. The exact date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but from our experiences, we expect the weekend before November 10th to be the date range, giving you about 3-4 days to download the 29GB game. Update: GMG is now sending out codes to customers as of November 6th, 8AM Pacific.

Xbox One / PS4 Fallout 4 Pre-Order Deals & Bonuses

  • Microsoft Store: $59.99 + $10 Xbox Gift + FREE Release Day Delivery
    Release delivery requires pre-order by 11/6 at 10AM PST
  • Gold Edition: $84.99 (Xone / PS4) + Socks + Season Pass
    Includes a small $5 discount to the total retail price.
  • Dell Home: $59.99 + $25 eGift Card
    Requires My Dell Advantage membership (auto adds at checkout)
  • Best Buy: $59.99 + $10 My Best Buy Rewards bonus
    Or discount to $47.99, requiring Gamers Club Unlocked membership
  • Amazon: $59.99
    Or discount to $49.99 requiring Amazon Prime Membership
  • GameStop is $59.99
    Free Fallout 3 for Xbox One, free Fallout 4 Poster for both platform

Console gamers get slightly fewer options in the discount department unless they have specific memberships. For Best Buy’s 20% deal, you’ll need to have the aforementioned Gamers Club Unlocked membership which currently costs $30. For Amazon’s Prime discount, you’ll of course need to have the annual $99 membership.

Fallout 4 Best Buy Gamestop


At Best Buy, if you buy the “Gold Edition” you’ll get the upcoming Season Pass plus a small $5 discount. No clear word on whether the $10 pre-order rewards certificate is included, although we imagine it is.

One noteworthy deal remains for Xbox One gamers, who can pre-order Fallout 4 for Xbox One at Microsoft Store. If you pre-order before November 6th next week, you’ll actually receive guaranteed free release day delivery. (This offer is only available to those in the 48 states.)

GameStop is offering a Vault-Tec Perk poster along with every pre-order copy of Fallout 4. Regardless of whether you order online or in-store, you’ll receive the poster packed in with your game. Xbox One owners gets an extra extra treat – a free digital download copy of Fallout 3 . (This applies to pre-order at Best Buy too.)

Pre-ordering Fallout 4 at Best Buy or GameStop will enter you into the  “Vault Sweepstakes” which includes a grand prize of a VIP trip to Boston along with your very own Pip-Boy (yep..). Given the odds of winning this trip, we’d class this particular offer as a nice thought, but nothing tangible.

Spot more deals that we haven’t mentioned, especially for retailers abroad? Share in the comments so others will know about them!

Fallout 4 releases November 10th and all pre-order deals listed above will end before that date.