Whether it’s a dusty set of X01 power armor or a sleek-looking T60, finding a good set of power armor can be a game-changer for those exploring the wasteland in Fallout 4. The commonwealth is full of countless similarly-armored enemies, so many gamers have taken to building themselves large garages to collect various power armor frames in. Fallout 4 is littered with a healthy amount of these hidden power armor frames, and we’d like to help gamers everywhere get as many as they can.

We’ve posted a map below from Reddit user guapscotch which should be able to lead gamers to more suits of power armor than the Brotherhood Of Steel could shake a stick at. Read on below to find out some more helpful power armor tips!

Firstly, players should always carry around fusion cores if they intend to reactivate some of the power frames that have been patiently waiting around for the last 200 years. It’s the only way to activate unused frames, and whilst the fusion cores are a high value commodity, they’re weightless in the inventory. There’s no downsides to the Wanderer bringing as many as he can with him, so gamers should always stockpile as many as they can.

Players intent to grow their power armor collection should note that many frames can actually be found underwater, so getting the aquaboy perk will give them a huge advantage when out searching the depths of Boston’s waterfront. The perk will not only remove radiation gained from swimming in the non-purified water, but it also means The Wanderer doesn’t start drowning after a minute underwater. Some of those underwater power armor frames take some time to find, so we’d advise getting the perk before attempting to scavenge for any underwater armor – especially since they don’t exactly float when in use, either.

That said, there’s plenty of frames on the lovely irradiated surface of Boston, too, and not all of them are far out of the way. Here’s the full map of power armor to be found within Fallout 4:

Fallout 4 Armor Map

The map specifies some ‘possible’ full sets of armor because the game engine includes some random variables into a few of the frames, resulting in some gamers getting full frames and others finding a set that may be missing a helmet or arm. Similarly, some sets of armor tend to level with the player, and gamers are reporting finding better power armor more consistently the higher level they are.

It’s worth noting that some merchants are capable of randomly having a piece of power armor in their sale items, but these change as time passes. The items in the above map are static, and will always be there, so gamers can collect them at their own pace without worrying about them disappearing. Alternatively, making enemies with the Brotherhood of Steel is probably the fastest way to find consistent power armor, but that means constant fighting with vertibirds and other power armor enemies.

Some companions can even equip power armor (and even Dogmeat gets his own armor variant), so having a spare set can help keep them fighting even harder in combat. If one of their suits has the targeting modification, this will even reflect on the Wanderer’s own HUD, making power armor companions even more useful.

Those looking to heavily utilize their power armor suits should also take advantage of the ballistic weave underarmor, which is one of the most overpowered armor boosts in the game. This will drastically improve the player’s own health below the armor, and essentially making them a semi-unstoppable killing machine in the right frame. Combined with all the boosts received from collecting the bobbleheads and magazines throughout the commonwealth, it’s good to be The Wanderer.

The introduction of fusion cores, custom paint jobs, and heavy defense boosts have made power armor more important in Fallout than ever before. What do you think about power armor in Fallout 4, Ranters?

Fallout 4 is currently available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Reddit