Fallout 4’s focus on power armor means there are plenty of suits around the wasteland. Here’s a quick look at each possible paint combination for each type of armor!

Most gamers who have tried out Fallout 4 will likely have spent a good amount of time customizing the looks of their player in the beginning of the game, making sure they look good when entering the wasteland. However, once they get past the beginning of the game, it doesn’t take too long to find a suit of power armor in Fallout 4, and gameplay can drastically change past that point.

We’ve mapped out all of the power armor frames that players can collect, but now we’ll show off how each different coat of paint will change the overall look of a player’s hard-earned frame. They might not be as unique as a Santa Claus suit of armor, but players can certainly stride around the wasteland in style with the below power armor paint jobs.

Power Armor plays a larger role than ever in Fallout 4, and utilizing the frames effectively will make combat much easier. Along with increased carrying capacity, power armor brings a huge increase to radiation resistance, stronger melee attacks, and an incomparable amount of damage protection. They may require a constant source of fusion cores to keep them running, but at the end of the day, they’re certainly worth it.

Paint jobs enhance what power armor brings to the table by granting even more statistical bonuses, like stronger melee attacks or increased charisma. Some paint is always better than no paint, so we’d advise that players adopt a paint theme and stick with it until they’ve coated their entire suit of power armor.

Here’s every single color configuration of power armor that is possible in Fallout 4. Click the image to pull up a full-resolution image:

Fallout 4 All Power Armor Paint Jobs

Standard paint jobs will require plenty of junk items to get the parts to paint each individual item, so players wanting to paint their power armor pieces should stock up on items that have adhesive, aluminum, and nuclear material. Other parts will be required for certain paint themes, but we found the latter three items came up the most.

Those looking to get unique paint jobs like the hot pink power armor design can do so by finding a unique magazine. The hot pink armor magazine lies in the Parking Lot Funhouse of West Roxbury, whilst the flames design can be found at the Robotics Disposal Ground. For the Atom Cats and Shark paint jobs, players will have to travel to the Atom Cats Garage, where the shark design can simply be found, and the Atom Cats design can be purchased from a vendor.

There are plenty of Brotherhood of Steel power suits walking around the wasteland waiting to be stolen, but the Railroad and Institute suits will require plenty of quest-based loyalty. For everything else, once again, we suggest stockpiling all that sweet, sweet adhesive.

What do you think about the different power armor paint jobs, Ranters? Which one is your favorite?

Source: Imgur