Steam Achievement statistics show a larger than expected amount of Fallout 4 owners have not left the opening tutorial area within Vault 111 for some reason.

Steam achievements have revealed in interesting trend taking place in Fallout 4, where a small portion of the player base has yet to leave the opening level of the game. An eagle-eyed Reddit user known as Hilltopchill noticed the interesting statistic and posted a screen shot of the Steam achievement. The achievement in question, War Never Changes, is currently sitting at 85.5% unlocked, which means that 14.5% of Fallout 4 owners have yet to enter the wasteland by leaving Vault 111.

The stats were pulled from the Global Gameplay Statistics from Steam, where each achievement is shown a percentage based on how many owners of the game have unlocked that specific achievement.

Fallout 4 Steam Achievement

What’s interesting here is that some users on the Reddit forum are also reporting that the achievement for leaving the vault is either unlocking later or simply not unlocking at all. Glitched achievements are nothing new to games these days, as other big releases like Destiny also had a similar problem with certain achievements unlocking when a specific activity was completed. Of course, with this being an open world Bethesda title, glitches and quirks are commonly part of the package on day one.

While the stat is pretty amusing, in actuality, that percentage also includes the users who have purchased Fallout 4 but have not yet started playing it, which makes this a little deceiving. Of course, there may be some users who are actually having difficulty leaving due to a problem with the game, either a glitch or bug halting player progress, a player with not much time on their hands, or perhaps someone who is addicted to earning a high score on the Donkey Kong clone, Red Menace, in the opening area.

Even though there’s still 14.5% still stuck in Vault 111, Fallout 4 continues to smash sales records and prove why the franchise is such a beloved one by gamers. Earlier this week Bethesda revealed that it shipped over 12 million copies of the game to retail in order to meet demand, earning over $750 million in revenue. Not only that, digital sales of the game managed to top $100 million in just three days time, with the PC platform being the highest earner in this category.

Still enjoying your trek through the wasteland? Why do you think 14.5% of players are still in Vault 111? Let us know in the comments below.

Fallout 4 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit