A man playing Fallout 4 from the comfort of his apartment has been seriously injured after a car hit his home and crashed through its wall, into his living room.

Since Fallout 4 released last month, countless players have found themselves glued to their screens, scouring the wasteland for bobbleheads and bottlecaps. It can take something big to separate a seasoned Vault Dweller from the game when fully engrossed — and that’s exactly what happened to Ben Rose of Irving, Texas.

Last Sunday, Rose was sat exploring post-apocalyptic Boston from the comfort of his living room, only to be rudely interrupted by an unexpected guest. A Hyundai Sonata plowed through his wall, causing significant damage to his home and serious injuries to his person.

Rose has been left with a sliced Achilles tendon and a fractured vertebra, not to mention the structural damage done to his apartment. The victim made the following comments in an interview with his local CBS affiliate:

“Cars versus people don’t really end up well. So I really thought it was over. Everybody asks were you walking in your parking lot? Or were you in your car? What do you mean she drove through your apartment?”

Things could have been much worse for Rose — and he actually credits the gaming chair he was sat in for saving his life. Apparently, it took some of the impact and helped his move out of the path of the car, rather than getting trapped under its wheels and run over.

fallout 4 settlement building power armor

Rose is now overencumbered with medical bills, the cost of repairs and the fee for a replacement chair. To make matters worse, it seems that the driver of the car did not have insurance, but thankfully a GoFundMe campaign has had some success in gathering donations to help out with the costs. The campaign reached its goal of $10,000 within six days.

Fallout 4 can certainly deliver its share of tense moments, but few can live up to the sheer exhilaration of a car ploughing through the wall of your apartment. That sort of immersion is a difficult thing for even the most advanced virtual reality hardware to properly emulate.

Of course, dedicated players will be well aware of the game’s ‘Mysterious Stranger’ perk, wherein an unidentified assistant will help out during battles. Clearly, Rose made some sort of error with the Luck stat in his character build, as it’s very unusual for the Stranger to arrive in a car — not to mention in such an inconvenient manner.

Fallout 4 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: CBS