Fallout 4 PC Requirements Still in the Works

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Fallout 4 is unquestionably one of the most anticipated titles of 2015. Almost immediately after Bethesda announced the game’s existence during E3 2015, mods were already being developed for the next entry in the post-apocalyptic franchise in order for ardent fans to while away the months before Fallout 4‘s release. In the following weeks, tons of other gamers chose to express their love for the series as well, with a musician known as Miracle of Sound penning a song about the series called “Going Nuclear”, and one person in particular crafting a homemade Pip-Boy using a 3D printer.

The support for Fallout 4 is due in no small part to Bethesda’s ability to regularly keep fans in the loop regarding the game by being clear and avoiding redundancy, such as the recent report that while the studio is set to offer gamers a Season Pass for DLC once the title goes on sale, they don’t exactly know what the add-ons will be. The news of expansion materials is sure to make Fallout 4 one of the most sizable releases in recent memory, especially with developers already reporting that the title currently has double the assets of Skyrim, which has prompted some PC gamers to wonder what kind of hardware is required to run the game.

In a discussion on Twitter, Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Vice President of Marketing and PR, addressed the topic of Fallout 4‘s PC specs after a couple of users asked when the details would be available. While Hines’ responses were empathetic with the fans looking for information on the matter, the executive made it clear that the particulars haven’t been released yet, because it would be improper to do so before all of the facts are in. Plus, Hines says that attempting to rush developers won’t make the answers arrive any sooner.

Hines was careful to be thorough and diplomatic in his replies, as he went on to give fans a broader picture of the process behind ascertaining games’ technical specifications in a separate tweet. In consideration of the topic, he wrote, “It’s not just about quality. for sys requirements it’s compat testing to figure out performance on a lot of different hardware.”

The Bethesda VP later answered questions about the availability of modding for the PlayStation 4 and whether or not Fallout 4 would encounter performance issues on Sony’s systems much like Skyrim‘s broken launch did on consoles. In response, the executive said that the studio’s discussion of modifications should be regarded as “confirmation”, and that he’d been “playing it on PS4 every day for weeks.”

With Hines’ rejoinder about Bethesda’s games encountering performance issues on consoles being somewhat of a deflection on his part, hopefully fans won’t experience day one problems with the title. After he explained a couple of months ago that the studio learned from Skyrim‘s problems to improve Fallout 4, it would be disappointing for players to come across a bunch of bugs and glitches almost immediately upon release.

Fallout 4 is set to release on November 10, 2015 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Pete Hines on Twitter (via Gameranx, PC Gamer)