A Fallout 4 parody cartoon joins the ever-increasing ranks of things that have made fun of Half-Life 3’s development cycle, by making a visual joke from the future.

Fallout 4 may only be a few months old, but Bethesda’s latest entry to the post-apocalyptic series is no stranger to parody videos. A new Fallout 4 parody came out this week which not only makes fun of life in the post-apocalyptic commonwealth, but even manages to take a swing at Valve for their perpetual production of the long-awaited Half-Life 3.

Entitled Fellout 4, the video takes a comedic look at another survivor of Vault 111. His adventures in the commonwealth mostly poke fun directly at the stranger things that occur in Fallout 4, but it doesn’t take long for the cartoon to start making references to things outside the scope of Bethesda Games Studio. Shortly after Stan Lee himself makes an appearance in the cartoon, the animation takes its aforementioned swing at the development of Half-Life 3 in the form of the billboard shown above.

The cartoon itself is a production by Matthew Shezman of Bitter Strike Cartoons, and has an impressive run time of 17 minutes. Check it out below:

Whether it’s making jokes about the curiously named Red Rocket franchise, showing exactly why Mr. Handys are actually horrifying, or even throwing the award-nominated Dogmeat as a literal weapon, the cartoon is full of nice little jokes and references from Fallout 4. The cartoon even shows Preston Garvey posters littered throughout the wasteland where he’s still asking for help about settlements, though this isn’t the first time he has appeared directly outside Fallout 4.

The Half-Life 3 joke is thrown in there as icing on the cake, and it seems fitting that the joke should come from a video about a franchise which managed to make it to the fourth official installment.

In terms of actual Half-Life 3 development, Gabe Newell himself has stated that the title would have to be something that really pushes the Half-Life franchise forward. It looks like the studio will have to do that without the franchise’s co-creator, Marc Laidlaw, who retired almost a month ago.

The third iteration of the industry-changing series has been kept under wraps from the get-go, and Valve has simply kept making jokes about the game in files of their other productions.

Only time will tell if Half-Life 3 arrives before a potential nuclear apocalypse, but at least fans are evidently able to laugh about it.

Source: YouTube