A devoted Fallout 4 and Japanese manga fan recreates the character of Saitama, the One-Punch Man, in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic wasteland.

If nothing else, the Fallout franchise has consistently proven that its fan base is a devoted bunch. Whether it’s developing impressive graphics mods for the games, or creating detailed maps of the worlds, Fallout fans love to take the framework Bethesda delivers and build upon it in new and exciting ways. And sometimes things get weird, like the story of One-Punch Man

While video game mashups are nothing new, this latest one for Fallout 4 is rather unique, combining the outlandish world of Japanese manga with post-apocalyptic Boston. One-Punch Man, for those who may not be familiar, is an online Japanese web comic wherein our bald hero is capable of defeating any opponent with a single punch. And so, in keeping with that theme, this Fallout 4 mashup introduces a character capable of defeating any enemy with a single punch.

Interestingly enough, the struggle for Saitama, the star of One-Punch Man, is that, with the ability to defeat any opponent in a single punch, there is no longer any challenge to life. That’s presumably a similar struggle for the Fallout 4 player, who no longer has to worry about enemy encounters in the game.

Obviously, this is more of a fun little fan send-up than it is a real Fallout 4 mod, but watching the player take out enemies in a single punch never gets old. It kind of diminishes the importance of planning or strategy in the game, something that Bethesda strives for with their VATS combat system, but this is a sandbox after all.

As millions of players continue to pour over Fallout 4 as Bethesda intended, plenty, like the creator of One-Punch Man, The Ghost, are finding interesting ways to play around in the game’s framework. Moreover, the modding community has made it easier than ever to improve upon the experience, both in terms of gameplay and visuals. And eventually, the most popular (and less GPU intensive) of those mods will make their way to consoles.

A personal favorite in the fan creation department has been the NPC and enemy battles, like the 10,000 Ghouls versus 100 Super Mutant video that surfaced not long ago, or the Battle Royale between every type of Legendary enemy in Fallout 4. Sometimes it’s fun to sit back and watch AI routines battle it out. While other times you just want to run around punching radiated monsters in the face.

Source: The Ghost (via Game Informer)