One Fallout 4 player recreates the epic battle between One-Punch Man and his powerful enemy Lord Boros using Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game as the setting.

The Fallout 4 Wasteland has now been used to host a recreation of the knock-down, drag-out war between anime character sensation Saitama, AKA One-Punch Man, and his enemy, the leader of the alien invader group Dark Matter Thieves, Lord Boros. In order to remake the memorable encounter between the two combatants, YouTuber EzPlays turned the action-RPG’s protagonist into Saitama, and gave a unique paint job to a Deathclaw in order to make it look like Lord Boros.

The Fallout 4 and One-Punch Man mashup is quite entertaining, as it contains practically every aspect found in the last three episodes of the anime’s first season. As is to be expected, the characters trade a several extremely powerful blows, with some punches knocking the other nearly halfway across the Boston Commonwealth. Fans can check out EzPlays’ creation below, and they would do well to stick around until the very end for a brutal finale featuring some consecutive normal punches.

As many Fallout 4 fans may be aware, this isn’t the first time Saitama has made an appearance in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game. A while ago, one fan created a video featuring the One-Punch Man practicing his fighting abilities all across the Wasteland, as he took on Ghouls, Deathclaws, and even Super Mutants in his quest to find a worthy adversary.

Not to mention, the One-Punch Man clip is only EzPlays’ latest contribution to Fallout 4‘s ever-growing collection of fan-made films. A few weeks ago, he posted video of a battle between 1,000 Deathclaws and 10 Liberty Primes. And due to the near-endless amount of strange stuff taking up space in the Wasteland, surely the YouTuber will be inspired to make more videos in the future.


With EzPlays’ recreation of Saitama’s and Lord Boros’ battle being chock-full of melee action, it will undoubtedly motivate some Fallout 4 players to start a save game wherein the main character is the One-Punch Man. Doing so shouldn’t prove to be too much of challenge if fans install mods, but if they wish to just use the title’s base materials, the most powerful hero alive can be pieced together with Fallout 4‘s character creation system by removing the character’s hair, tweaking facial features, and maxing out his Strength attribute.

What do you think about EzPlay’s remake of the fight between One-Punch Man and Lord Boros in Fallout 4? Which famous slug-fest would you like to see a fan produce next in the game? Maybe Nada versus Frank from John Carpenter’s They Live? Or perhaps someone should recreate an historical brawl like “The Thrilla in Manila,” the famous boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier?

Fallout 4 is out now and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: EzPlays – YouTube