Bethesda announces that a second wave of Nuka Cola Quantum is on its way to Target stores, giving gamers a second chance to buy the Fallout 4 replica.

Bethesda and Jones Soda Company’s collaboration to produce real-life Nuka Cola Quantum was so wildly successful that most Fallout 4 fans weren’t able to find a bottle. Thankfully, Bethesda today announced that the soda will be making a comeback at Target stores.

Bethesda has officially announced that a fresh supply of Nuka Cola Quantum is coming, returning to Target stores starting next week. The price of Nuka Cola Quantum will remain the same, at 2.99, but there’s also a new bonus for buyers. Anyone who still wants to purchase a copy of Fallout 4 or an Xbox Season Pass can pick up a bottle of the soda for free with said purchase, so long as supplies last. While most gamers probably already own the title for themselves, it’s still a nice perk for those who haven’t had an opportunity to explore the wasteland just yet.

Though the real-life replica of Nuka Cola Quantum was intended to be a limited edition to begin with, both the fans and the manufacturer were surprised by how quickly the item previously flew off shelves. Unfortunately, the limited quantity was made worse when accusations flew that Target employees were taking the soda for themselves at many stores, never even giving customers a chance to scoop up the sodas. They’ve also appeared on eBay at insane prices, often with an even higher markup than the limited Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4.

Though Jones and Bethesda never intended to manufacture additional bottles of the soda, it’s not the first time a Fallout 4 limited edition has made a comeback. Recently, the Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4 went back on sale, despite Bethesda’s prior claims that no more Pip-Boy units would be manufactured. Though fans generally have to act fast to grab limited releases like these, it seems that the overall demand for these products is resulting in a second chance for gamers.

It remains to be seen if this wave of Nuka Cola Quantum flies off the shelves as quickly as the first. Considering that many gamers were probably heading to the store to pick up Fallout 4 anyway, which released on the same day as the soda, it may take a little longer for the product to sell out. On the other hand, gamers who already missed their chance once may not hesitate, potentially wiping out the supply just as quickly as last time.

Did you manage to get your hands on a bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum? Or if not, are you going to try next week? Let us know in the comments.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter